Monday, May 14, 2007

Sambal Tempeh with Ikan Bilis

Hihihi... taking some of my time off in the office to blog. Finally finish my presentation and now waiting for my boss to do the final checking before the ' kwai lou' come tomorrow.

Mom gave me 3 packets of tempe she bought from one of the mini market near her place. Last week I cooked Sambal Tempe with Ikan Bilis. For the sambal I am using the Sambal Petai recipe.

The tempe is cut into small pieces and deep fry till golden brown. Same goes to the ikan bilis, fried till golden brown and set aside. Then cooked the sambal and finally add in the fried tempe and ikan bilis into the sambal and mixed well.
Apart from cooking it with sambal, you can also deep fried the thinly sliced tempe as a snack. Then sprinkle some salt over and it is just like your photo chip. Try it and you will love it !

What is tempe ?

Tempe is made by natural culturing and fregmentation that binds soybeans partical into a cake form. Tempe fermentation process and its retention of the whole beans give it a higher content of protien, dietary fiber and vitamins as compared to tofu, as well as a firmer texture and stronger flavour. Because of its nutritional value, tempe is used worldwide as in vegetarian cuisine.

Source from Wikipedia

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