Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look Of The Year

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Getting Chubbier And Fatter

Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern has been at the daycare for almost 2 months. Both of them already get used to the daycare except for Le-Ann still crying on and off when I send her to kindie. One thing I can see the changes in them is that both are more disciplined as before.

The very obvious thing you can see in both of them is that both is getting chubbier. I think there is no junk food in school and they always eat on time and sleep on time. Even when they reached home, they will have one big bowl of rice and one big bowl of soup. After dinner, watch their cartoon for a while and then up to the room to read their reading books before they have their milk. By 10 pm, both will slept till the next morning.

All my aunts that saw both of them last week also told me they are chubbier now. When I bring them out for evening walk around my house, even my neighbours also told me that both are getting fatter. Le-Ann especially you can see her chubby face and body, where else Ee-Thern is only on the face. His body size is still small like Dearie Suki.


Chubby Le-Ann



Chubby Ee-Thern. After dinner, must have banana.


Aren't he chubby too? Look at his fat thumb.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cool Live TV Show

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