Thursday, June 28, 2007

Simple Meals

Didn't do much cooking again this week. Don't know what happened to me like brain dead and no inspirational on what to cook. Maybe because too busy at work and 'SUCKS' tomorrow got to travel to Penang with my LADY BOSS for my company monthly Sales and Marketing Meeting. So cham, this coming Saturday is my little girl Le-Ann 3rd Birthday and I can't celebrate for her and I am going to do it on Sunday at Ah Mah's house.

Dearie Suki haven't been home for dinner lately and he is busy at work and hence I am so lazy to blog on my foods and the pictures below will tell you what I cook this week.

I tell myself better I do it today cos for the next 2 days I won't be blogging cos I am going to ...... PENANG ..... my favourite place for FOODS!

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What Kind Of Chocolate Am I ?

Find something interesting again. What kind of chocolate am I ?

I am a Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How I Wish...

Yesterday night slept at 9 pm and wake up about 1 am and suddenly I remember that I have not apply my mom U.S Visa as she is planning a trip next month to Georgia, Atlanta to visit her two sisters ( ahhh... my Ah Yees ) who resides in U.S for more than 15 years. Recently both of my aunts get their PR and all their kids have been reunited with their moms last year after 15 years of waiting. Hah... so happy for all of them. Mom will be going there with my 4 Kor for about a month. Both in their late 60's and early 70's are going to U.S ? Don't know whether both of them will sesat or not at the airport!

Both of them is so excited and mom start to plan her visit itinerary. She told me she is going to LA to visit a friend for few days, then she want to go Universal Studio & Hollywood, then to aunts place Georgia from there she will plan a trip to Las Vegas. Better for her to go there now cos both are so old if they don't go now, don't know when they have the chance to go. Furthermore next year I am sending my kids to the nursery near her place and she will be busy picking up my kids from the nursery.

On the computer and go on-line and search for US Embassy Website and I wake dearie Suki up and get him to help me. I am so lazy to read all the steps how to apply the visa but do I have a choice not to apply for both old ladies. Some more both of their passport expired and I need to wait for few days before I could help them to apply and yesterday night both of them called me up and provide me their passport no. and all others details.

Finally I get it and have applied for them and scheduled an interview next Monday morning. Looks like I am going to fetch both of them to the U.S embassy next week for their interview.

Yer... so nice. I wish I could follow them there. I complaint to mom that I regret why I get married so fast and have kids so fast to tie down my freedoms. Now I think back I should enjoy my life first before I commit on all my current commitments. Well what she could advised me is that once my kids grown up I will have the chance to do what I want. I just pray and hope the day will come one day.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Blog Rating

Found this interesting site from Joe's blog and it is kind of interesting and I can't wait to see what is my blog rating.

Scroll down


Online Dating

Hahahaha.... LOL my blog is rated G - General Audiences and all ages admitted. Like this also can ah ! Real canggih !

Dearie Suki saw this and teased me " Huh, only rated G? The contents of your blog is pretty boring then! " Ish.... I am so angry with him.

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Pan Mee

Last Saturday before I leave for work in the morning I was thinking what to cook at night. Usually during the weekend we opt for a simpler meals at home. But for me I am looking forward more to eat outside but for a second thought better not cos with the kids around I can't eat peacefully.

For quite some time I have not eaten Pan Mee so I decided to cook it that night. Knead some flour dough for the mee in the morning and kept the dough in the fridge till evening before I started to flaten the dough and cut into thin strips.

As for the Pan Mee's soup base I used ikan bilis to make the stocks. The side condiments for Pan Mee, I fried some crispy ikan bilis, stir-fried minced pork with minced 'tai tau choy', stir-fried thinly sliced mushroom and wood's ear fungal, thinly sliced 'fu chok' and off course I cannot miss the green vegetables.

Wow.... a bowl of hot Pan Mee for dinner I can't resist without some chopped chilli padi.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ewww... Shrek

Today was at Ah Ma's house with the kids and both of them play until didn't eat or drink their milk. Some more no need to take their afternoon nap. Every Sunday when go back to Ah Ma's house for both of them is like a day out of prison. hahahaha....

Look at my little boy and see what my fellow cousins did to him.... he became SHREK......

Ee-Thern wearing Cheh Cheh shorts cos tried to toilet train him but he wet his pants twice and got no pants to wear so got to wear his Cheh Cheh pants lor. I think it is too big size for him and he really looks like " Ah Piau". LOL

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Durian, Liulian, Laulin.....

Yesteray went to Giant, USJ with the kids to do my weekly marketing. While queing to pay money this Le-Ann smell durian keep telling his daddy " D.... buy Liulian". So went to over to have a look at the packed durian and all are Thai durian which dearie Suki is not fancy about it. So he managed to pursuade his princess that he will bring her to buy 'Liulian' at the roadside stalls near our house.

Upon reaching our house junction, little girl still remember what her daddy promise her and started to remind daddy to buy durian again. Look at kids nowaday cannot bluff them. Dearie Suki stop by the road side and buy 6 durians again and there goes my fridge full with durian smell.

Managed to snap some pictures using my handphone and its a bit blur though. Looking at the pictures it makes me jealous why the bonding between my little girl and dearie Suki is so strong as compared to me !

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Happy VS Sad

Another weekend again with the kids at home. As they grown up, I got more headache especially my boy Ee-Thern who has been throwing tantrums when he can't get the things he want either from me or his Cheh Cheh. End up both of them fighthing and me started to get angry and wacked both of them although Le-Ann is at no fault. Sometimes I tend to get sad cos I was wondering why I wacked them and scold them and they are just little kids and know nothing what is right or wrong. Maybe I myself got to control my temper. Don't know how dearie Suki can be so patient with them.

Naughty Ee-Thern crying because had a fight with Cheh Cheh and he loose to her. Then started to cry and showing his temper to mommy.

Sometimes when you looked at them playing happily and it will makes my day happy. At times both the kids are so close and happily talking to each other and you don't know what baby language they are talking. Ee-Thern is more talkative and Le-Ann the quiet one. Well this are the advantages when the age gap between both of them is only a year!

Look both of them so friend some more drink milk also must sleep together. Sooooo Cute.....

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Omelette with Bittergourd

Plain egg omelette is too boring ? Try and fried it with bittergourd. I tried it yesterday cos eaten before somewhere in a restaurant in JB so tried at home yesterday. Here is the recipe and I hope you like it. Aiyor.... so bitter !

Ingredients : ( A )
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp chopped garlice
250gm bittergourd, thinly sliced
Salt to taste

Ingredients : ( B )
4 eggs, beaten
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp soya sauce
Dash of pepper
3 tbsp oil

Method :
1. Heat oil and sautee chopped garlic till fragrant. Add in bittergourd and mixed well. Add salt and continue to stir-fry till bittergourd is soft. Dish up and set aside.
2. Combine bittergourd with Ingredients ( B ) in a mixing bowl and mixed well.
3. Heat up 3 tbsp of oil in a pan and pour egg mixture and pan fry at medium heat till set. Turn it over and continue to fry till golden brown. Dish up and serve.

Tips :
Before cooking the bittergourd, add some salt and marinade for 10 minutes, wash and squeeze dry in order to reduce bitterness.

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Maggi Fish Curry Paste

Dinner on Monday ? I will opt for something which can be done all in one pot cos I need to bring little Le-Ann to music class. Last Monday I cook Fish Head Curry and added in beancurd, and lots of vegetables into it. As for the fish head curry paste I will definately recommend Maggi Fish Curry Pasta cost about RM1.89. Rated 5***** by me and it is so convenient and so delicious..... Hey this is not a sponsored post ya.

I have added 1 can of evaporated milk and 2 cans of water. Very easy just fry some onions and curry leaves and add in the paste and fry till fragrant. Then add in the evaporated milk, water and all the vegetables and lastly the fish head.

Yummy ...... A pot full of goodness!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Dumplings Festival

Tried to make some dumplings or 'Bak Chang' last 2 weeks but my first attempt failed. Not because the taste of the Bak Chang but is because I don't know how to wrapped the dumpling into triangular shape. Get my SIFU to teach me I mean my dearie hubby but still very hard to do. Really want to surrender cos it is just so hard to wrapped the dumplings. Dearie Suki keep nagging me and say why I so stupid and don't even know how to wrapped the dumpling. Finally get about 26 dumplings but during the process of boiling lost 8 of the dumplings because I didn't tie tight enough. End up only left 18 dumplings.

I give up and told dearie Suki that I am not going to make any dumplings and hoping my mother in-law or my aunty will give some to me. Surprisingly no one give me any dumplings to eat so last Saturday go for 2nd attempt to make Bak Chang again. I just crave for it.

I am doing it alone this round and I am real slow in wrapping the dumplings. It takes 3 hours from 4 pm - 7 pm to wrapped 36 dumplings. Wow... real tedious. When putting in the dumplings into the hot boiling water I was hoping none of the dumpling will become loose. Boiled the dumplings for almost 4 hours under charcoal fire and finally it is done.

I pray hard that I won't loose any of it and take out all the dumplings from the boiling water and counted again. Hooray...... all 36 Bak Chang still nicely intact. I am so happy that I finally done it but the triangular shape is still not as nice as dearie Suki dumplings. Well nothing going to stop me from learning.

The ingredients for the Bak Chang you need : Pork, Chesnuts, Dried Prawns, Mung Beans, Mushroom, Dried Oysters, Lap Cheong and Glutinous Rice.

As for the pork, you've got to fried the pork with dried prawns, onion and garlic till fragrant. Then add in seasoning ingredients like salt, sugar, oyster sauce and dark soya sauce. Then the add in the chesnuts. Add some water and boil till the chesnut is a bit of soft.

For the rice, sautee some onion till fragrant the add in the rice and mung beans. Mixed well and add in the seasoning. I've also added in some 5 Spice Powder into the rice. Then it is all ready to be wrapped.

After wrapping is done, boil the dumplings for 4 hours in hot boiling water.

Hooray... It is ready to be enjoy by the whole family.

Results ----: Very Satisfied with myself.

Today is the 'Chang festival' and I have prayers at home. Just cook a few simple dishes to offer to the altar at home. My Ah Mah's always advice me when we have our own family make sure we celebrate all the Chinese traditional festival in order for our kids to inherite down the culture. Well what she say is true if we don't do it now the future kids will not know anything about the Chinese traditional festive.
This is my menu for today dinner :

It is 'Chang Festival' today and wish all of you Happy Dumpling Festival.

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Pig Liver with Ginger and Spring Onions

Went to the wet market on Sunday morning and bought quite a lot of pork and spare ribs. Then I saw some pig kidney on the table and I ask the 'tauke soh' how much is one but she tell me already booked by someone. I remember when I was having my confinement I ate lots of pig kidneys. I just love it. I think about 80 pcs I think on average 1 week about 20 pieces. I was wondering where my mom get those must be order in advance.

Then I saw some pig liver and I tell the 'tauke soh' I want RM3 of those. She looked at me and ask me what I want to do with it. I say cooked and eat la. Then she laughed at me and cut a big piece of it and give me for FREE! I malu only cos never buy before so don't know what is the pricing. Looks like no body eat pig liver over here.
I cooked the liver with ginger and spring onions and the recipe is from Wokkingmum. ( click here for the recipe ). I've added some water into it because I prefer more gravies so that the kids can eat with their rice.

I think mine I over cooked it and the liver become hard. Anyway it still taste nice. Yummy.

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Siew Pak Choy with Mushroom

Have some left over of sliced mushroom from the dumplings I made last Saturday. In order not to waste it I cook 'Siew Pak Choy with Mushroom'. Another recipe for vegetables to add into your menu.

Ingredients :
Siew Pak Choy
8 Mushroom, sliced thinly
10 gluten puffs ( mien karn )
Some chopped garlic
Some ginger, cut into strips
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp soya sauce
1/2 cup of water
Salt to taste
A dash of pepper
Cornstarch for thickening

Method :
1. Blanched Siew Pak Choy in hot boiling water added with some oil and salt. Drain and arrange the vegetables on a plate.
2. Heat oil in pan and sautee garlic and ginger till fragrant.
3. Then add in the mushroom and stir-fry for a minute. Add in the soya sauce, oyster sauce, water, salt to taste, a dash of pepper and the gluten puffs.
4. Bring to boil and lastly add in cornstarch to thicken the sauce.
5. Dish up the mushroom into a small bowl and then top over the blanched vegetables.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

We celebrated Father's Day at home with dearie hubby. Since I didn't go back to Ah Mah's house with the kids cos got to attend Aunty Ah Choo's grandson full month party. Furthermore by the time the function is over it is already 2.30 pm and both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern slept in the car when I am on my way back. So decided to turn back to home.

Reach home I ask dearie hubby let's go out at night and have dinner to celebrate for him but he don't want to go out reason being it will be jam packedwith all people celebrating Father's Day. Since the two kids is soundly asleep and I quickly take the oppurtunity to bake a cake for him. I've baked a Blueberry Vanilla Sponge Cake and used whipping cream to decorate the cake.

End result---> I am not so satisfied with my decorating with the whipping cream. Don't know what goes wrong with the cream cos I cannot get a smooth surface when I spread on the cakes. Why ah ?

Happy Father's Day Dearie Suki

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Toy Car - MPV

Bought a Barbie MPV Toy Car for Le-Ann during the Mattel Warehouse Sale sometime ago. Only RM25.00 plus a Barbie in it. Worth to buy leh! I've totally forgot about the car and left in the store room for quite sometime. That's me the big spender on toys when come to warehouse sale. I tell myself to put a stop to myself not to buy anymore for the kids. Hopefully I can do it.

Supposed is for Le-Ann but end up Ee-Thern grab the car and refused to share with Cheh Cheh. Aiyar...... kids now really good life. I think both of them got 1 storeroom full of toys. Going to get nagging from dearie Suki again.

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