Sunday, June 10, 2007

Picnic At Sg Tekala Waterfalls

Sis called me up yesterday evening asking whether want to go to Sg Tekala Waterfalls in Semenyih since today will be the last day of school holidays for the kids. So, I tell Sis OK will meet her there at 9 am. Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern wake up at 8 am today and once they woke up I told little girl Le-Ann that we are going for swimming with Kor Kor, Cheh Cheh, and Yi Yi and she get so excited.

I pick Faye from Ah Ma's house at 8.30 am and dearie Suki stop me at the Dim Sum Restaurant and I tah pau some Char Xiu Bao, Loh Mai Kai, Siu Mai and Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Once reach there, sis was there waiting for us and the kids... wah... really feel excited.

We are the only Chinese family over there and the rest are all Malay families who picnic and BBQ over there as though like having a big feast. But, we still enjoy ourselves.

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