Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy VS Sad

Another weekend again with the kids at home. As they grown up, I got more headache especially my boy Ee-Thern who has been throwing tantrums when he can't get the things he want either from me or his Cheh Cheh. End up both of them fighthing and me started to get angry and wacked both of them although Le-Ann is at no fault. Sometimes I tend to get sad cos I was wondering why I wacked them and scold them and they are just little kids and know nothing what is right or wrong. Maybe I myself got to control my temper. Don't know how dearie Suki can be so patient with them.

Naughty Ee-Thern crying because had a fight with Cheh Cheh and he loose to her. Then started to cry and showing his temper to mommy.

Sometimes when you looked at them playing happily and it will makes my day happy. At times both the kids are so close and happily talking to each other and you don't know what baby language they are talking. Ee-Thern is more talkative and Le-Ann the quiet one. Well this are the advantages when the age gap between both of them is only a year!

Look both of them so friend some more drink milk also must sleep together. Sooooo Cute.....

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