Sunday, June 24, 2007

Durian, Liulian, Laulin.....

Yesteray went to Giant, USJ with the kids to do my weekly marketing. While queing to pay money this Le-Ann smell durian keep telling his daddy " D.... buy Liulian". So went to over to have a look at the packed durian and all are Thai durian which dearie Suki is not fancy about it. So he managed to pursuade his princess that he will bring her to buy 'Liulian' at the roadside stalls near our house.

Upon reaching our house junction, little girl still remember what her daddy promise her and started to remind daddy to buy durian again. Look at kids nowaday cannot bluff them. Dearie Suki stop by the road side and buy 6 durians again and there goes my fridge full with durian smell.

Managed to snap some pictures using my handphone and its a bit blur though. Looking at the pictures it makes me jealous why the bonding between my little girl and dearie Suki is so strong as compared to me !

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