Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Gift For Him

Christmas is round the corner and I am planning what to get for Dearie Suki for this coming Christmas. It is hard to decide what to get for him and with my busy schedule at work, I always tend to forget to get a Christmas present for him and we will end up just having dinner at home during Christmas Eve.

For this Christmas I planned to order a gift for him from online retailers and I come across Coupon Chief is offering some good deals promotion and given a few promo codes for certain products if you purchase online.

Browse through and search for stuff that might suitable for him and finally I decided to get him a few working shirts from the Banana Republic deals provided online. Further to that if you sign up for the Banana Republic Credit Card you will get a furhter 10% discount for the second purchase. I think this is a good buy.

Since few months back he bought me a new Canon Ixus camera, this round I am going to get him a SONY PS2 player with the SONY coupon provided. They also on offer for all PC games under $10 and shipping fee is free. I have ordered a few for him and I will get them to send the gifts directed to him at his office. Hopefully these surprises will make him happy and there will be no more boring dinner this year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog For Money

I was talking to my sis and cousin's Phat Boy Joe last week, that there is such thing we can actually blog for money. I have heard this long time ago from few fellow blogger friends that they did this part time job just to get some extra income apart from their basic income they get from their full time job. Sounds interesting to me and I am keen to find out more how it actually works and benefited bloggers.

Last weekend, I am kind of free at home and the kids are taking their afternoon nap, I browse through the web to find out more about this. Visited my blogger friends' blog and found a Smorty referral badge at the side of their blog. Out of curiosity, I click into this website and I give myself a try by signing up for it.

I love blogging and my passion for blogging getting stronger each day and why not I grab this apportunity to advertise on blogs about advertisers' products.This is interesting and I will not waste my weekend by doing nothing and now I can utilize my time to blog for money. I am getting more excited now and I hope with the extra income, I can save it up for my next trip to Australia with the kids to attend Leen's graduation day.

Spinach Fettuccine With White Cream Sauce

I cooked this Spinach Fettuccine with White Cream Sauce some time back for my dinner with the kids when Dearie Suki is not back home for dinner. He is kind of weird, never ever like pasta even if I fried it the Chinese way. He is a bit 'meng gong' so healthy product also don't know how to appreciate.

I tried to finished up the whipping cream I used for cake decorating and not to waste it and it is just nice for a plate of pasta with white cream sauce. The recipe for this is my 'agak-agak' version. So what you need is :

Ingredients :
Pasta ( any kind of your choice ) - boiled till al-dente
Olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tomato, chopped into small pieces
2 sausages, cut into small pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
Some parsley

Method :
1. Sautee garlic in olive oil.
2. Add in tomato and sausages. Cook for a minute.
3. Pour in the cooked pasta into the pan and mix in the whipping cream.
4. Cook until cream thickens and add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Add some parsley on top of the pasta or you can add in some parmesan cheese.

I enjoy it so much and even my 2 little kids like this cream sauce pasta.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What A Bad Combination

Last Saturday, while I was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch for the kids, Dearie Suki shouted from top floor.....

Dearie Suki : Dear ah...... Ah Boy 'wee wee' on our bed.
Me : Aiyor... u change for him la.
Deaire Suki : How about the bed? Kena his 'wee wee' liao.
Me : Aiyor... I busy cooking la. You kau tim la. Go and take the bed sheet and change la.
Dearie Suki : Where oh?
Me : On top of the cupboard. ( He is getting up my nerve liao. Ask another time I am going to taruk him )
Dearie Suki :Take which design ?
Me : Aiyor ... cincai la. Don't ask me anymore ah. I busy here.
Dearie Suki : OK la, OK la.

After the kids had their lunch, its time to take an afternoon nap. At that time Dearie Suki went out to service his car after he had his lunch. 3 of us went up to the room to take our afternoon nap.

Once open the door, I nearly fainted. I think he got a bad sense of matching a colour. Look at the bedsheet design and the quilt cover set he used. ALAMAK, really cheh kai leh. For so many donkey years he has been sleeping on the bed and he still couldn't remember which bed sheet goes with which quilt cover set.

He is supposed to use a plain colour bed sheet to go with the floral quilt cover or the other way round. I am SPEECHLESS and 'beh tahan' feel like take out a new one and change it.

But on my second thought, I better don't do that if not next time he won't help me to change the bed sheet and I got to do all by myself. Better don't complaint too much, close one eye lor!

What a bad combination

My little Ee-Thern, I am going to wack him if he 'wee wee' again on the bed. This is how he always react to me after the get the scolding... he will suck his thumb, lying down on the bed and pretend he is not listening.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shopping At IKEA

Yesterday afternoon, both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern slept from 2 pm till 6 pm. Once woke up little girl told Dearie Suki that she want to go ' Kai Kai ' and Daddy asked here where she want to go and she answered him, 'KL lah' . Wah, so young already know want to go KL 'Kai Kai'.

Since both of them have more than enough sleep for the day, we went to IKEA and planning get a new set of Christmas ornaments. Reach IKEA, my little boy really created a HAVOC. Run here and there and don't even want us to hold his hand. Atleast Le-Ann will listen to me, asked her not to run she will not run. Asked her to hold my hand, she will hold my hand tightly. So 'kuai'.

Both of them relaxing on a sofa in one of the show unit in IKEA.

Both of them playing with the slide at the kids area. Both of us planning to convert the back room to their room and try to get some ideas how to decorate the room for them. Dearie Suki asked little girl whether she like one of the show unit and she answered 'YES' but after a while, she told Dearie Suki she likes all of it.

Little girl try to hug the huge Christmas tree in IKEA. We had our dinner at the IKEA's cafe and the que is so long and both me and Le-Ann waited for almost 1/2 an hour to order our food while Ee-Thern and Dearie Suki look for place to sit.

Wanted to order the meatballs but it is not in their menu anymore and they have their hotdog back to their menu. Ordered a set of it and a roast chicken with lemon herb sauce topped with loads of baked potato. Le-Ann enjoyed her dinner so much and shared half the chicken with me and she even ate Daddy's share.

More shopping after dinner and each of them had a kids trolley to play with. Looking at this picture makes me want to laugh out loud cos they are just like adults going shopping and pick whatever they want and put in their trolley.

Little Ee-Thern was pestering Daddy to get the blue colour stool for him cos currently now we only have one pink colour at home and that is Le-Ann's one. We get another one for him so that both of them won't fight for it at home. We also get a new set of Christmas ornaments for our tree. Last year we had a red colour deco up on the tree and this year Dearie Suki wanted only silver colour. For me I still prefer a mixture of gold and silver.

2 busy fellows.

After paying money, we went to the IKEA shop opposite the cashier counter to get some Ginger Bread biscuits and DAIM chocolates. Look at both of them keep eating the potota chips on samples at the counter. Aiyor ... pai seh only this 2 little fellows keep asking the Kakak at the counter to give them.

We head back home after our window shopping at IKEA and reached home almost 11.30 pm and little Ee-Thern was half asleep in the car. Little girl once reach home, start telling me that tomorrow she want to go 'Tai Mah' house to play with Faye Ah Yi.

Are You Protected?

Not long ago I was talking to one of my colleague about insurance. Apparantly she have not purchased any life insurance to protect herself and I am quite surprised with her that she have not done that.

I think getting yourself and your family protected with either life insurance or medical insurance is very important because you won't know what will happen to you and your family the next day. In case if there is anything happen to them, there are insurance to cover your medical expenses and we won't have to worry about it.

2 years back, our house was robbed when were out for dinner with the family. Total damaged to it is about RM10K and we have lost our laptop, some jewelleries, and some cash in the house. Thank god, at that time we have purchased the Home insurance for our house and the total loss is covered by the insurance company.

Apart from this, both of our cars also insured by the Car insurance every year. Recently we bought a cheap car insurance proposed by an insurance company and looking at their total coverage they provided, my Dearie Suki is quite happy with it.

So for those who have yet to buy an insurance for yourself or for your family, please get one today. Protect yourself and protect your loved one.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

1st Attempt On Bread Making

Today I tried out my 1st attempt in bread making. I never wanted to learn how to bake a bread cos I hate eating bread. In the morning, I can't even force myself eating a slice of bread unless there is no other things to eat.

Dearie Suki has been bugging me for quite some time and asked me to learn how to bake a bread cos he is a bread lover and both the kids loves bread too. He even mentioned that he will get a breadmaker for me but I told him not to cos there is no space in the kitchen for the breadmaker. Anyway, how often will I use the breadmaker and I bet it will be end up, used once and chuck it at the side.

This morning started making the Hokkaido Milkly Loaf as early as 6.30 am while waiting for the part time maid to come. I followed the recipe from Happy Home Baker. Kneading the dough is a good exercise and I think I knead for 1/2 an hour using both my hands and now my hand sakit already. Really need 'Kung Fu' for the kneading part.

After kneading, the bread dough is leave to proof for 1 hour until the size of the dough doubled up. But for mine, it takes 2 hours. I don't know why mine need so long or maybe the weather in the morning is a bit cloudy and cold and not hot, therefore it needs a long time for proofing.

I divide the dough into 4 portions and rolled it up and arrange on a square baking tin cos I don't have a loaf tin. Brush the top with some milk and bake it in the oven for almost 50 minutes at 170 DC.

While baking, you can smell the nice bread aroma. Once done I can't wait to see how it looks like. To my surpise, the Hokkaido Milky Loaf turned out so nice. The top part is golden brown and shinning. The inside part is soft and fluffy and with a bit of sweetness ( I think this could be the whipping cream and the sugar in the recipe )

Dearie Suki woke up at about 11.30 am, came to the kitchen and asked me what I baked today. Obviously I am telling him, I am baking his favourite BREAD. After having his lunch, he can't wait to try a slice and after trying he is quite impressed with my 1st attempt. He was telling me a moment ago, he is going out to the 'Kopitiam' to buy a can of Kaya back to spread on the bread.

His next request to me is to make him a Hotdog Bun. Wah, I think from today onwards I fall in love making bread and going to search for recipes from the web. But , I still hate eating bread!

Looking For A New Furniture

Dearie Suki and me are planning to convert the room at the back to kids room as both of us think its time for the kids to sleep alone. We are planning to go to the furniture store to have a look at what they have but we have yet to find the time to go.

We make a list out of what sort of Furniture we need to get for the kids room. Since the kids are asleep now, both of us browse through the web to look for ideas how to decorate the kids room and and we came across Furniture Online. Hmmm... quite a good one as you can select the Bedroom Sets they have and you can even order online. Both of us quite like the ' Classic White Youth Furniture Bunk Bed Set' which consist one bunk bed, one dresser, one chest and one night stand. Price wise, it is quite reasonable.

I was telling Dearie Suki, since Christmas is round the corner and Chinese New Year is approaching soon, why not change our living room sofa to a leather couch . Furthermore, it is on 30% discount. He agreed and we ordered online! Both of us can't wait for the furniture to come and we just can't wait to decorate the kids room. I am getting so excited now!

Friday, November 23, 2007

2 Awards In A Week

Wow, I get 2 awards in a week. This is really fantastic and it really make up my day although this week is not a so lucky week for me. These 2 awards are given by my 2 new blogger friend whom I just got to know them about 2 weeks back.

The first award I get is from Sweetiepie. She awarded me with the TRUE BLUE AWARD.

There is a poem to go along with this award :

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm,they never sleep, so ever-present, they're friendly, so amicable, accountable, dependable, and protective.This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!

I would like to pass this award to : Judy, JO-N, Wen, CatCat


The 2nd award I get from JO-N, The World's Best Friend Week.

"Do you know the relationship between your 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together. Even though they never see each other, friendship should be just like that! Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. "

Your Love is Ur Heart,
Your heart is Ur Spouse,
Your spouse is Ur Future,
Your future is Ur Destiny,
Your destiny is Ur Ambition,
Your ambition is Ur Aspiration,
Your aspiration is Ur Motivation,
Your motivation is Ur Belief,
Your belief is Ur Peace,
Your peace is Ur Target,
Your target is Heaven,
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS.

I would like to pass on this to all my new blogger friends whom I met in in the cyberworld recently.

The Singapore Housewife, Dora, Sweetiepie

Catridge Finder Makes Things Easy !

Dearie Suki recently bought 2 printers at home. One is for general use, in another words is used by me to print my recipes, Le-Ann's colouring sheet and others. Where else, another unit of printer is a more high tech one and used by him to print his customers' creatives artwork. The colour catridge for his printer run out quite fast because the high amount of things he printed. Once run out, he got to drive all the way to look for computer shops to get his cartridge and it is quite a hassle to do that if that shop didn't have the catridge he want.

Until one fine day, we found Cartridge Finder and things get easy with it because they will help us to locate where to get the catridge and which catridge to use for his printer. With this, it really saves up my Dearie Suki time.

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No More Surprises

Yesterday night, supposed to go back earlier to cook Sambal Petai for Dearie Suki but I worked till 7.30 pm in the office and reached home almost 8.15 pm. Called Dearie Suki and telling him I am not cooking tonight and let's have Pan Mee at Bkt Sri Serdang.

Once reached home, the kids is making so much noises in the kitchen. Walked into the kitchen and both of them playing masak-masak in the kitchen. Ask both of them, 'Where is Daddy?' and little Le-Ann pointing her finger out to the wet kitchen and answered me ' Daddy, cooking rice'. Huh.... ????

Alamak... instead of me giving him the surprise, and now is the other way round. He gave me the surprise by cooking the Sambal Petai for dinner. I think he must be searching through the fridge and saw the petai. Bravo *clap, clap*. Not too bad atleast he can cook his favourite dish but I found that it is a bit oily.

Apart from Sambal Petai, he also fried 2 eggs for dinner and I love his fried egg so much because the yolk is half cooked. Wah, best!

I am glad that he cooked the dinner yesterday night but then look at the mess in the wet kitchen. Walaueh, he used 2 pans to cook 2 different dishes. Wah, some more used so much oil to fried the ikan bilis and potato. Worst still the oil spilt all around and end up I got to wash the floor in the wet kitchen.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Last Friday, me and both the kids were at Aunty AC's house and she is busy clearing her cupboard. I asked her why ?

Oh no, her whole cupboard is eaten up by termite. I got so worried that night and telling Dearie Suki that our house is built under a rubber tree plantation's land and what I heard from those pest control staffs, houses built under this type of land will easily get termites. Looking at how Aunty AC cleaned her cupboard, it is really scarey when you see so many millions and zillions of them in it. I wouldn't want this to happen to my house. Better do something now rather than whole house is attack by termite.

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Little Picasso At Home

Few weeks back, when we were at Ah Mah's house, little girl saw Faye Ah Yi did some drawing using water colour paint and she insisted she also want to draw. End up Faye gave her a piece of blank paper and let her draw with the brush.

I think she is enjoying it and now everyday at home she will colour her colouring book using colour pencils. Dearie Suki saw this picture and he said he will go to IKEA and get the drawing board with easel for her to draw. I think it is a good idea too, so both of them will not scribble or draw anything on the wall. So far this has yet to happen so better get something for them before it is too late.

Le-Ann drawing in Faye's room

Tadaa... Le-Ann's Masterpiece. Not to bad ya but I can't get what she draw.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hotel Reservations

I loves to travel and it is one of my interest since I am young. Mom will bring both me and my sister travel to places like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. My dream is to travel to all the European countries which I had visited 5 countries in Europe namely London, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam and Germany and looking forward to visit the rest of the countries. Booking the tour and the hotel arrangement through the travelling agency could be quite an expensive one and yet there is not much flexibility on our side.

During my last business trip to Germany, I had actually extended my trip for few days and I had taken this oppurtunities to visit 2 countries in Europe. Before I did my hotel and my tour booking, I searched through the internet and came across this website Hotel Reservations .

I could say this is a useful link because you can find a whole list of hotels or hostels suited to your budget. Apart from this you can even plan and booked your vacation packages through Hotel Reservations and believe me or not you can actually get a cheaper rate and save up as much as 70% discount on the booking as compared to the normal rates. This useful link also offer car rental and flight booking at a cheaper rate too.

My next coming trip is to plan a short holiday of 4 days 3 night with my Dearie Suki and to get away from the busy working stress in the city. We've been planning this since last two week and finally we decided we will go to Bangkok and off course I was given a task from him that I will be his tour leader to make all the arrangment.

I finally make a reservation with the Asia Hotel in Bangkok at an attractive rates and furthermore I can even get a rebate of USD20 for a 3 nights booking. The rebate offered by them is up to USD100 for a maximum 12 nights booking. Wow, isn't this interesting to plan your own travelling and yet you get so many freebies and discounts. Ooh, I can't wait for December to come as we are going for our 2nd honeymoon again.

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HERITASIA On X'Mas Promotion

HERITASIA is on X'Mas promotion and now they got a new booth in Bangsar Village. His girlfriend is so kind to forward me the email blast about his new stall. I got to know this 'Si Tau Chai' when I went to get some fashion accessories from his booth at The Curve, Saturday flea market and now we are friends.

Glad to know that he is having another stall in Bangsar and it would be nearer for me to go to Bangsar rather than the Curve. Spoken to him few months back that maybe both of us could work out something and sell his fashion accessories on-line or through my blog. But till today I've yet to get back to him cos I am just too busy with work and with my 2 kids after my maid left. So sorry about that if he come across my blog. I just need to get things going cos I hate this damn bloody place ( you know which place I am referring to right! )

So for those who wish to get something for your loved ones for the coming X'mas, pay a visit to his stall. I am sure there are lots of nice girly stuffs to choose from and also at AFFORDABLE PRICE! .

Garage Flooring

Ever since we shifted into our new house, we did not do any renovation to our wet kitchen and it has been 5 years we are staying in our 1st house. I was telling Dearie Suki, since Chinese New Year is also round the corner, we need to do something to it and I want to have a new look for my wet kitchen flooring and I would prefer it to be in colourful tiles that match the wall colour.

With garage flooring , you will be able to find all types of tiles with different colour choice and design to choose from. Ohhh, I can't wait to choose mine. Catalogue also available for FREE upon request.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Miss The Green Green Vegetables

I was at the SS13 SJ night market tonight to get some green vegs. Ever since, Black Dot went back to Indonesia I hardly get green vegs to cook at home. Well I could say I cook green vegs about 3 times a week unlike last time everyday there will be one green vegs on the dining table. If I can't finish the green vegs, Black Dot will sapu habis.

Dearie Suki is kind of weird. He doesn't eat green vegs except for the green stinko beans.... PETAI. For months I have not cook any Petai dish for him and today I bought one big packet of petai from the night market for RM10. I think the big packet can divide it and cook 3 times. Hihihi... not going to tell him what I cook for dinner tomorrow and I am going to give him a surprise!

Mom was asking me, if he doesn't take green vegs, where is he going to get all the nutrients. Ah... ha... Mom is wrong. Dearie Suki loves fruits and he is actually substituting the green vegs with fruits. Whenever we go to the night markets or supermarkets he will get loads of different kind of fruits back. Today, my fridge is loaded with fruits... mandarin oranges, mango, grapes, persimmons, and banana.

I miss all the green vegetables I cook last time. Going to start cooking green vegetables very soon. Since he don't eat I eat la, hihihi a good way to on diet!

Christmas Is Round The Corner

One more month to go, Christmas is round the corner. I have been making a list of what to get for the kids and fellow cousin, Faye who will be celebrating Christmas in Ah Mah's house.

Thinking of what to buy for them, is a big question mark for me. Thank you to Coupon Chief is here to solve the problems and I can save up the time to go to the shopping mall and no need to cramp with last minute shopper.

With the online coupons availabe form Coupon Chief, everything is so easy and you just need to click a button and your gift will be delivered directly to your loved ones.

For the kids I have chosen the KBToys coupon deals to select the toys for Le-Ann and Ee-Thern. For cousin Faye, I have planned to get her a Rockport shoe which she loves it so much.

With the Rockport coupons, the shipping cost is FREE. And for a new customer like me who shop online, with every purchase of $35 or more you will get a $5 discount. Isn't this a fantastic offer!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Luncheon Meat and Rice For Kids

Last Saturday afternoon, I am so lazy to think what to cook for lunch. After all, my brain is not functioning and I got such a bad headache maybe because lack of sleep. I was telling Dearie Suki, lets have canned food for lunch. I know this is not a good choice for the kids meal but once in a while I think it should be alright.

Opened up a can of Luncheon Meat and cut into thin pieces and fried till golden brown. To make the kids lunch much more interesting, I cut the fried luncheon meat with a tulip and bear cookier cutter. Arranged it on top of their rice and sprinkle some Chicken Furikakae Seasoning on top of it.

This is Le-Ann's lunch set. Arranged the tulip cut out as eyes and mouth and the bear as nose. Also have some seedless grapes and a honey mandarin orange for their dessert. I ask little girl, what it this? And she answered me 'FACE' lor mommy.

For little Ee-Thern, used the tulip cut out as face and the tulip as ears. Some seedless grapes and a honey mandarin orange for him. When I asked Ee-Thern, what is this? He answered me, mommy 'MICKEY MOUSE'. Is this looks like MICKEY MOUSE? It looks more like a REINDEER to me. Anyway this is his imagination.

Both of them 'sapu habis' the rice and the luncheon meat. After having their lunch, I am too tired and took a afternoon nap with both of them for about 3 hours.