Sunday, November 25, 2007

Are You Protected?

Not long ago I was talking to one of my colleague about insurance. Apparantly she have not purchased any life insurance to protect herself and I am quite surprised with her that she have not done that.

I think getting yourself and your family protected with either life insurance or medical insurance is very important because you won't know what will happen to you and your family the next day. In case if there is anything happen to them, there are insurance to cover your medical expenses and we won't have to worry about it.

2 years back, our house was robbed when were out for dinner with the family. Total damaged to it is about RM10K and we have lost our laptop, some jewelleries, and some cash in the house. Thank god, at that time we have purchased the Home insurance for our house and the total loss is covered by the insurance company.

Apart from this, both of our cars also insured by the Car insurance every year. Recently we bought a cheap car insurance proposed by an insurance company and looking at their total coverage they provided, my Dearie Suki is quite happy with it.

So for those who have yet to buy an insurance for yourself or for your family, please get one today. Protect yourself and protect your loved one.

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