Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog For Money

I was talking to my sis and cousin's Phat Boy Joe last week, that there is such thing we can actually blog for money. I have heard this long time ago from few fellow blogger friends that they did this part time job just to get some extra income apart from their basic income they get from their full time job. Sounds interesting to me and I am keen to find out more how it actually works and benefited bloggers.

Last weekend, I am kind of free at home and the kids are taking their afternoon nap, I browse through the web to find out more about this. Visited my blogger friends' blog and found a Smorty referral badge at the side of their blog. Out of curiosity, I click into this website and I give myself a try by signing up for it.

I love blogging and my passion for blogging getting stronger each day and why not I grab this apportunity to advertise on blogs about advertisers' products.This is interesting and I will not waste my weekend by doing nothing and now I can utilize my time to blog for money. I am getting more excited now and I hope with the extra income, I can save it up for my next trip to Australia with the kids to attend Leen's graduation day.