Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dark Soya Pork with Eggs

My Ah Ma used to cook 'Dark Soya Pork with Eggs' at home when we are kids. In Hokkien they called it ' Tau Eeu Bak with Lor Neng'. This is one of my favourite since young and with just one dish, I can eat a whole plate of rice with the sauce. Same goes to my kids and Dearie Suki and they love it so much. I think all of us are meat eaters and it runs in the family.

My Ah Ma's 'Tau Eeu Bak' has more sauce and for me I like it dry and hence less sauce. Also cook this 2 weeks ago.

Here is the recipe to share.

Ingredients :
500gm pork belly, cut into 3 cm thick
3 cups water
10 peppercorns, crushed
10 cloves garlic, with skin and washed
4 hard boiled eggs , shelled

Seasoning :
1 1/2 tbsp dark soya sauce
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar

Method :
1. Bring 3 cups of water to boil. Add in peppercorns and all seasoning.
2. Add in pork and hard boiled eggs. Simmer for about 30 minutes before adding the garlic cloves.
3. Continue to simmer over a slow fire until meat is tender, about another 20 minutes.
4. Serve with steamed white rice or porridge.

This dish is best served the next day to allow its flavour to develop.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot & Peppery Soup (Lat Thong)

I was organizing my photos folder in my computer and came across few of my recipes which I have not blog. Oh my... I think I am old already and totally forgot about it until I saw the pictures in the folders.

Since I am not going to do much cooking this week due to travelling and tight deadline in the office, so mights well I share the recipe with all of you now before I totally forget about it.

Hot & Peppery Soup or we used to call it ' Lat Thong' is one of the popular dish from my hometown Kajang. There are quite a no. of restaurants selling this dish in Kajang and I have not come across any in KL or PJ. Perhaps there is 1 in Seri Kembangan. So Klang is popular with 'Bak Kut Teh' but Kajang is popular with 'Lat Thong'.

Cook this last 2 weeks and lately it has been raining in the evening and ' Lat Thong' will be the soup to enjoy during this rainy days because of its hot and peppery taste. Brought my 'Ci mui' to eat one day and you know what they tell me. Taste very similar to our 'Pig Stomach Soup' and they enjoy it so much.

For the soup base I uses :
A bunch of Yok Chuk
A handful of Kei Zhi ( Wolfberries )
About 6 pieces of Dong Gui
Some ginger, sliced thinly
20 -30 whole white peppercorns ( crushed )
2 litres of water
1 Kampung Chicken ( approximately 1 kg ), chopped into small pieces
200gm Pork Belly, sliced thinly
1 packet Enoki Mushroom or button mushroom
1 tsp salt and 1 tsp rock sugar
A bunch of coriander leaves

Method :
1. Bring the water to boil.
2. Add in Yok Chuk, Kei Zhi, Dong Gui, Ginger and White Peppercons. Let it boil for about 2 hours.
3. Then add in the chicken and pork belly and let it boil for another hour. Season with salt and rock sugar to taste.
4. Add in Enoki Mushroom or Button Mushroom and simmer for another 10 minutes.
5. Turn off heat and topped with coriander leaves. Serve soup with a bowl of white rice and some chopped garlic and chilli padi with soya sauce.

Note :
1. Some restaurant added in the pig's intestine eg: liver, kidney, stomach, or 'cheong' into the soup.

So what do you think? Similar to 'Bak Kut Teh' ? You can also serve with some ' Yau Char Kuai' with the 'Lat Thong'. Try it out today and you will enjoy it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So Sweet

Took some of the kids pictures past few days and found some of it, both of them is so sweet and cute. The cutest among the rest of the pictures.

This is the best shot I ever had. Both give me a big smile especially Ee-Thern the cool small boy. Le-Ann is enjoying the 'Char Siew Pau' I make last Saturday. Look at her give me a thumbs up for the pau and some more can criss cross her leg to take picture. Off course the little 'DiDi' follow exactly what his 'Cheh Cheh' do lor.

My ah boy companion. The 'Lin Kan' aka drinking bottle. Tried training him with cup but still refuse to drink from there.

Dearie Suki 'Kuaci' aka Sunflower Seeds maniac. Bought so many packets of it at home and little girl also follow her dad eat 'Kuaci'. 'Choh Boh Eng' only I got to peel the Kuaci for her.

Look this small girl 'Hiao Char Boh' really 'Ai Sui' keep playing with the nail colour and now starting to imitate me to put on make-up every morning before I go to work. Guess what? She already makes my lipsticks about 3 of it broke into 2 . Can't imagine if she grown up one day... what will she be ? Worry, worry, worry to have a daughter nowadays.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bad Habit ... Impulse Buying Again!

Today I am still on strike and hence didn't cook anything for dinner tonight and not going to cook till Saturday cos ( sigh, sigh, sigh ) I am travelling again tomorrow to Penang for business meeting. This round cannot snake around cos my boss given me a long list to check on the sales reps. Aiyar.... got to become INSPECTOR tomorrow.

Since I am in bad mood for these few days, my bad habit came back again ----> impulse buying and buy, buy, buy for no reason. Afternoon snake out and look for VV in IKEA since IKEA is having sales. Reach home regretted why I buy those thing for what!

Bought 3 pots of green plants. The itchy hand, see green plants must buy since I love it so much. OK, get it without guilty. Then bought 2 sets of glasses and Dearie Suki saw it and said my cupboard is already full with all the ceramic wares, dinner sets, glasses, bowls. Where to keep all these? He knows I am still in bad mood and he didn't nag me a single word and I don't think so he dare to. Then a set of 3's round container at only RM3.90. Cheap can buy. The big glass jar like the ' kiam leng ang' I like the most. Planning to learn making Chinese Rice Wine from my 6th Kor, so must get one. Last piece is a metal rack for the kitchen and I think I might use that to display my McCormick Herbs and Spices in the kitchen. So total damage came to RM92.60 plus 2 Vanilla Ice-Cream and 1 Curry Puff with VV for tea time.

Started searching through the storeroom and found 2 small parcels from Japan and only I rememebered I purchased on-line, a Bento sets and some accessories from Abigail last 2 weeks. Thanks Abigail for the speed delivery and I received it within a week after purchased.

The 2 monsters at home got excited and help me to opened up the parcels. Wow... I just love all these cute stuffs and going to collect it if I come across any in Isetan or Jusco. What izzit inside the box?

A set of 2 tier cute Bento container + a bag + a pair of chopsticks + 3 minis cute soya sauce container and the other one have the egg moulds where I have been looking for quite some time. But she gave me the STAR and LOVE shape and I still prefer the CAR and FISH shape. Nvm, will search through E-Bay when I am free. Total damage again is USD 58.00 and if Dearie Suki know about this he is going to KILL me.

Anyway already purchased and can't do anything about it. I can't wait to make cute Bento for my kids when I am free on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Foodie Blogroll

Haha... finally I am in Foodie Blogroll. If you are a person who loves cooking and baking or anything got to do with foods... join now in the Foodie Blogroll. You will find interesting foodie bloggers, forums, recipes ideas, and many more !

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Assam Chai

I was cleaning my fridge 2 weeks ago and found there is a big packet of roast pork ribs in the fridge. Try to think back who gave me this and finally I remembered Mom gave it to my during Chinese New Year - Pai Ti Kong day. Alamak... so many months already and I totally forget about it. Called Mom and check with her whether still can eat or not. She started to nag me again say that one is supposed for me to cook porridge for the kids but I totaly forgot about it.

And she nag, nag and nag again ask me to cook Assam Chai with it and bring it back to Ah Mah's house to eat on Sunday. OK leh, I followed her instruction and cook Assam Chai with it and try to find whatever bones or chicken left in the fridge and throw everything into the pot.

Me, Sis and Mom loves to eat Assam Chai, very spicy and sour and that is our favourite. Head straight to the market and bought some ' Kai Choy' or green mustard to cook with it. Also added in some assam keping and dried chilli and 3 tbsp of tomato sauce. Boil everything with the roast pork ribs till the vegetables is soft. Season with some sugar and salt.

Wah really 'shiok' to eat. So sour and spicy.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Prawn Mee @ Hokkien Mee

Last Saturday, we had a guest drop by over our house. It's Dearie Suki's friend. I was telling hubby to get his friend to stay over for dinner since I cooked Prawn Mee. Hahaha... got praised again for the tasty Prawn Mee. Aik.. malu only and I am speechless when people I don't really know praised me that how can I do it with kids around and a career to move on. Well what I could say it is my interest to cook and also my time managment between family, friends, and work.

Come back to my Prawn Mee or Hokkien Mee, I still think those selling in Penang is much more tasty. Dearie Suki was telling me off course nice ler cos added lots of MSG. Maybe he is right, mine is purely prawn stocks and no MSG. This round my maid got a bit smarter I could say cos she didn't throw away the prawn shells. So better utilize it rather than throw away.

To prepare the stocks, what you need to do is to sautee some chopped onion till soft then add in some chilli paste. If you prefer it to be more spicy then add more chilli paste. Then throw in the prawn shells and fried till the shells turn orange colour. Pour in water and let it simmer for about 1 hour. Season with 1 chicken cube and salt to taste. Oops... remember to add some rock sugar into the soup.

Blanched some meehoon and to go along with it I have prepared some sliced fish cakes, hard boiled eggs, steamed prawns, fried shallots and also some kangkung. Dearie Suki was complaining where is the sambal. Aiyah... forgot la. Anyway the soup is spicy enough and you don't need sambal.

Here my Prawn Mee. Both me and Dearie Suki had this for supper at about 2 am yesterday cos stomach making noise after XXX.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Popiah & Prawn Fritters for Tea Time

I was back from Ah Mah's house early today cos want to put the 2 kids for a short afternoon nap. These 2 monster don't know how they can 'tahan' without sleeping. No choice got to come back early cos we are going out to have dinner at night with Uncle Peter + family and Aunty Rose + hubby. I just don't want when we are about to go out and both just starting to yawn.

Dearie Suki went out for an appointment again in Sunway this afternoon to meet up a customer and he came back with a plactic bag full with fried Popiah and Prawn Fritters and I guess it must be the one from Salak South. BINGO! Iam right.

Both of us had this for tea time and Dearie Suki told me this is actually his lunch. OMG... one thing I don't like about him is that he always had his meals at odd hours.

Char Siew Pau

Yesterday evening make some pau for the kids and Dearie Suki. Its been such a long time I didn't make any pau and I think it is about 6 years since the last round I make pau. Look through my recipe book and search for the pau recipe which I used to follow and finally found it. Dearie Suki was teasing me whether I still remember how to make or not. Well, I just kept quiet and lets see in an hour time what is the result.

While the kids were taking their afternoon nap, I start making the pau filling and I uses Char Siew freshly bought from the market in the morning. The next crucial steps is making the basic yeast dough for the pau skin. Hihihi... looks hard but actually not so hard leh. Try it out and the result is real satisfying and you will get a smooth and soft pau skin.

Basic Yeast Dough
500gm pau flour,sifted ( I use Blue Key Brand Pau flour )
6gm instant yeast
100gm sugar
50gm shortening
250gm water

Fillings :
1 tbsp oil
Some chopped onion
500gm Char Siew, chopped into small pieces
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp soya sauce
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp dark soya sauce
1 cup of water
Some cornstarch for thickening

Method :
1. Mix instant yeast and sugar in the water till dissolved.
2. Then mix everything together and knead into smooth and elastic dough.
3. Divide the dough into 40gm dough (you can get about 18 portions). Put aside and let it prove until double its size. Estimated about 10 minutes.
4. Filling:Heat oil in a pan and sautee the onion till fragrant. Add in char siew and the rest of the ingredients and mixed well. Then thicken with some cornflour. Dish up and leave to cool before using.
5. Roll dough into a round shape and add 1 tbsp of filling and pleat the top into a pau. Line pau with a piece of white paper and let it prove again for another 20 minutes.
6. Steam pau with high heat for about 15 minutes or until the pau is cooked. Serve hot.

The ready pleated pau is waiting to prove to double its size then steam on high heat for about 10 minutes.

Look not too bad ya, my Char Siew Pau. The skin is so soft and it is so nice when you eat it right out from the steamer. Le-Ann eaten 2, Ee-Thern 1, Dearie Suki 2 and me 2. Given to my neighbour May 4, and now left 7. Going to bring back to Ah Mah's house tomorrow and show off my pau to Mom and Sis.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Steamed Pomfret with Soya Sauce

This morning went to the wet market to get some fish for the kids. Looking around dont' know what fish to buy and I tend to get bored with fish this week cos ate too much liao. Finally, bought pomfret it is not white pomfret nor black pomfret. Again don't know what is the name but I know it belongs to the pomfret family. I think in Cantonese it is called 'Tau Tai Cheong'.

Anyway, it is not cheap though. One for RM13 and it is not that big but it is real fresh. Look at the fish eyeballs. It pop out and white in colour after steaming and that means the fish is very,very fresh. I steamed it with Kikkoman Sushi Sashimi sauce and added 1 tsp of fried shallots and oil.

Le-Ann and Ee-Thern both loves fish very much and I got no doubt about it that they could finish one big bowl of rice with fish sauce and the fish meat. Funny thing is that little Ee-Thern will come and tell me---> Mama, good !

Egg and Ham for Breakfast

Dearie Suki woke up very early this morning. It is a surprise to me cos he usually would sleep till noon and wake up for lunch. Why so early ? OIC he got an appointment fixed at Berjaya Times Square in the morning. I fried one egg and ham for his breakfast since I was preparing it for the kids. He is not an early person so to get him take his breakfast is like begging him " Dear, please la eat your breakfast la ? "

Anyway, he did finish his egg and ham. Maybe just to make me happy lor.

I am having the ham with tortilla wrap. Added in some lettuce and tomato. Yummy... breakfast. Guess both the kids also enjoying the breakfast I prepared for them.

So Clever

Kids nowadays are so clever and naughty. My 2 kids clever nvm some more "Pai Si". While I was out in the living room blogging the two kids were playing inside them room. After 1/2 an hour there is no sound from the room and I thought they must have slept. Went into the room and peep at them see what both of them doing. Aikkk....... both naughty fellows playing with the baby cream all over the bed. Guess must be Le-Ann is the one started it first.

Kepoh Le-Ann this morning, washing her little brother bicycle. You know what she told me?--> " Mommy, wash Didi bicycle ah? Dirty la! " Look at this clever girl, give me excuses to help Ee-Thern to wash his bicycle cos she herself want to play with water.

Simple Meals #4

Hi! I am back again with my simple meals of the week. This week have been having fish almost everyday cos need to clear off the fish in the freezer. Ooops....bought too much fish lately and got to cut down on fish cos Dearie Suki get bored with it.

Here you go these are what I cooked for him this week. Yippe ! Its Saturday again and looking forward to have a day off in the kitchen.

Me and Dearie Suki favourite kembung fish. We love to deep fried it and eat it with hot and spicy sambal. Dearie Suki always hoping I can cook Sambal Petai whenever I fried the kembung fish.

Love the fried ginger so much. This is the kids favourite fish. They love to eat it with rice and mix it with soya sauce. Ee-Thern most favourite and he can finish a bowl of rice.

Picked some fresh mint which I plant in my garden. Gave some to my neighbour May and she told me to cook it with eggs soup. I tried but don't really like it. You know how it taste like? Its like drinking a Colgate Soup. Yuck! not going to cook this again.

Sorry too lazy to blog the recipe. Click here if you want to try it out.

This sweet potato leaves or in Cantonese we called it ' Farn Sue Yip'. Another green vegetables I plant in my garden. Mom always encourage us to plant vegetables in our house garden. So here it is Mom my 'Farn Sue Yip'. Save $$$ buying from the market.

Garlic fried rice with anchovies for yesterday night dinner since there are some left over rice in the fridge. I just love fried rice cos it is too easy to prepare. No need to think so much.

I am not good in naming fish. Bought this fish from the night market near my office on Tuesday. Sorry I don't know what is the name of this fish. If I am not mistaken it is 'Sek Pan Fish'. Anyone have any idea what it called in English? Anyway, steamed the fish with taucho sauce and the fish meat is so sweet and fresh. Dearie Suki love it so much and he told me that he can finish a whole plate of rice with just the taucho sauce itself.