Friday, July 13, 2007

Hanging Around

My babysitter, Yoke Cheh took 3 days EL from me cos her FIL passed away. OMG.... 3 days of EL... wasted my leave just like that and I was thinking better go for 1 day MC, 1 day EL and 1 day get Dearie Suki to take care of the kids.

Yesterday I was at home with the kids. We pay a visit to Aunty Ah Choo's house in the afternoon after the 2 kids taken their bath. It is so kind of her asking me to stay back for lunch.... hihihi that is what I am looking for "FREE LUNCH" at her house. We had "Mee Suah with Herbal Chicken Soup".

The 2 kids seems to be enjoying themselves at her house and apart from that my little Le-Ann is happily helping herself with the durian given by Aunty Ah Choo and myself do nothing just hang around and "8" with her DIL who are currently on confinement leave.

It is a boring day and looks like the day seems to pass by so slow and I was just hoping that Dearie Suki will pop up and bring us out for shopping. Given me a choice I think I prefer to go back to work to pass my time.

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