Sunday, July 8, 2007

Who Broke It?

We were at Ah Mah's house today and mom,sis and EV were playing mahjong and I KPC next to them. Then suddenly my maid came to me and say " Maam, itu patung pecah ". I was wondering what patung is that and I get her to clean it up. Then little Ee-Thern came out from Ah Mah's Kong Kong's room crying and I go in and checked what is he up to in that room crying.

Then my maid told me he broke the 'patung'. OMG... when i saw that 'patung' it is actually Ah Mah's 30 years old 'Laughing Buddha' where she kept it in dad's room and now it is broken. Luckily the 'Laughing Buddha' is not those from the antique shop and it is make from a cheaper material. Luckily my Ah Mah's is wheelchair bound now. If she know about it, all of us sure get scolding from her.

Who did it? My little boy lor ... he is playing with Ah Mah's wheelchair and accidently knocked the 'Laughing Buddha' ... Pring Prang.... Broken liao.

The above pictures taken by Joe 'Kau Fu'.

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I Cook4Fun said...

Poor Ee-Thern, he look so guilty in the last picture ;) but so cute! said...

Oh dearie, your Ee-Thern looks so sad behind bars.

Sue Sue said...

Yeah, he feel so scared after that and stick to me like glue the whole afternoon. Maybe because all my cousins make fun of him and start snapping pictures of him. My poor Ee-Thern, don't know whether he knows what is 'GUILTY'.