Friday, July 6, 2007

Simple Meals #2

Here is my another version of simple meals for the week. This week its been quite a busy week cos got to prepare a monthly sales report and purchase orders to the principal. Real headache cos got to plan promotions for the coming Ramadhan period. Time really flies fast and we are now in the 3rd quarter of the year.

So here are some of dishes the I had prepared for my family the last few days .

This curry chicken I used Maggi Curry Paste and it turn out so well and sooooo convenient.

On Tuesday bought 'Sang Yue' or in Malay they called it Ikan Haruan from the night market in Subang. Anyone got any idea what is this fish called in English? The 'Taukeh Soh' help me to de-boned the fish and teach me the fish bones used it for soup and add in some black beans and few slices of ginger into the soup. Double-boiled the soup in the slow cooker for 8 hours. Wow... the "Sang Yue Soup' is wonderful and it is so sweet. Definately going to get the fish again if I see it next week.

Click here for the recipe. The same ingredients used for Kam Heong Lala its just that I substitute with squids.

Chicken nuggets from the brand First Pride is my dearie Suki favourite. Must try this brand and the nuggets is so delicious. The manufacturer is the same as McDonalds.

I have added in some beancurd skin, tomatoes and lettuce into this egg soup.

Also bought 1 kg of fresh water prawns from the night market in Subang. The prawns is quite fresh though and I steamed it and added a 2 tablespoon of rice wine into it. Emmm .... dip it with Kikkoman Sushi Sashimi Sauce and it is so nice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

My daughter loves to eat Mcdonald's chicken nugget & I tried to look out for "First Pride" brand in S'pore but could'nt. Should I go to M'sia for holiday, it will be a 'must buy' item for me.


Sue Sue said...

Hi Xin,

If you're in JB, you can try either your luck at either Giant or Carrefour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Went to Jusco JB last mth but could'nt find so will try my luck at the 2 hypermarkets u've mentioned.