Saturday, July 21, 2007

Simple Meals #4

Hi! I am back again with my simple meals of the week. This week have been having fish almost everyday cos need to clear off the fish in the freezer. Ooops....bought too much fish lately and got to cut down on fish cos Dearie Suki get bored with it.

Here you go these are what I cooked for him this week. Yippe ! Its Saturday again and looking forward to have a day off in the kitchen.

Me and Dearie Suki favourite kembung fish. We love to deep fried it and eat it with hot and spicy sambal. Dearie Suki always hoping I can cook Sambal Petai whenever I fried the kembung fish.

Love the fried ginger so much. This is the kids favourite fish. They love to eat it with rice and mix it with soya sauce. Ee-Thern most favourite and he can finish a bowl of rice.

Picked some fresh mint which I plant in my garden. Gave some to my neighbour May and she told me to cook it with eggs soup. I tried but don't really like it. You know how it taste like? Its like drinking a Colgate Soup. Yuck! not going to cook this again.

Sorry too lazy to blog the recipe. Click here if you want to try it out.

This sweet potato leaves or in Cantonese we called it ' Farn Sue Yip'. Another green vegetables I plant in my garden. Mom always encourage us to plant vegetables in our house garden. So here it is Mom my 'Farn Sue Yip'. Save $$$ buying from the market.

Garlic fried rice with anchovies for yesterday night dinner since there are some left over rice in the fridge. I just love fried rice cos it is too easy to prepare. No need to think so much.

I am not good in naming fish. Bought this fish from the night market near my office on Tuesday. Sorry I don't know what is the name of this fish. If I am not mistaken it is 'Sek Pan Fish'. Anyone have any idea what it called in English? Anyway, steamed the fish with taucho sauce and the fish meat is so sweet and fresh. Dearie Suki love it so much and he told me that he can finish a whole plate of rice with just the taucho sauce itself.