Monday, July 2, 2007

After A Long Wait

Today fetch mom and 4th Kor to the US Embassy for their VISA application. Both of them went in at about 10.30 am and I waited outside the embassy for almost 2 1/2 hours. Then saw mom walking out and I ask her how is it? I have sense something is not right about her cos she came out with a moody face. Then she told me her application is rejected and 4th Kor's application is successful.

To my surprise I ask her why? What did they ask her and she told me the documents is incomplete. I can't understand to pay for the air tickets is so expensive and before we can go ahead with our travel plans we got to fork out USD100 for the processing fee. So TROUBLESOME and now she got to wait for next to apply her VISA again.

While driving back she kept quiet through out the whole journey back home and her face expression is full with dissapoinment. She herself also couldn't believe it and before she go, she is full with confident that she will get it. In the car I ask her what they asked?

And she told me ......

Interviewer : Who sponsor your trip to US?
Mom : Self finance
Interviewer : How much is your income per month?
Mom : About RM4,000
Interviewer : What do you do and where you get the income ?
Mom : My two daughthers give me RM1,000 per month each and some from the house rent I rented out.
Interviewer : Where is both your daughters working and work as a what? Any letter or supporting documents from them ?
Mom : Errrr... nope. I don't know what is my daugthers company name.
Interviewer : Any supporting documents for the house?
Mom : I only brought one which is under my name. The rest are under my husband's name.
Interviewer : Sorry, madam your application has been rejected due to incomplete documents.
Mom : Can I pass all the document to you tomorrow?
Interviewer : Sorry, madam we can't do that. Please try again next year.

Imagine just like that and she got rejected. 4th Kor told me that mom's tears nearly drop out when they rejected her. She really look forward for this trip. Her worried is that next year she might not be able to go because she got to take care of her grand children. I told her not to worry so much we will managed ourself and we will try again for her next year.

Now I think back it is not easy to go US for holidays. Better take the money for Europe Tour or some where else and I remembered when I went to London few years back, there are no such a strict regulations.

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Dr ve Thru said...

I'm flabbergasted. You think that a tourist will be helping the economy of the country she is visiting.
I hope she will reapply and perhaps do some homework as to what kind of answers they are looking for.

Pearls said...

I am so sorry to hear that your mom did not get thru her visa "exam". I suppose that if she had her documents and information ready, she would have passed. Nevertheless, there is always next year and it shouldn't be hard for her to wait another 6 months to apply.

Sue Sue said...

Yesterday night me,hubby,sis and my BIL talk about this issue. The next round of application we need to be prepared with all the documents.. eg: Letter of employement from our company, supporting documents of our income, properties we owned, bank savings, EPF, child certificates, $$$ and land that we are going to inherit from dad and Ah Mah,..... REALLY TROUBLESOME ... does my mom look like one going to be an illegal immigrant there. LOL...

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, sorry that your mom didn't get thru the interview. Yeah, is difficult to apply for a visa now. The next time give them all the documents that will support her financially. Hope she don't give up and apply again next year.


Sue Sue said...

Wan, you are right it is not easy to apply after the 911 incident.Surprisingly the FD and saving she showed is more than my aunt. Both of them go through the same interviewer and my aunt got through. Haiyar.... my mom got a "BLACK DAY". Well she is going to try again next Jan cos my sis is going to Boston with my BIL. Yet she is not so keen to go during I winter. We just tell her get the VISA first and talk later about the trip.

snoopy said...

Did you check your mum pastport? Sometime behind the pastport, the US embassy will chop a date for resubmit. Mine was rejected once and there is a date to resubmit the documents but that was back year 1999. And one more suggestion, may be your mum should say her children pay for the ticket and travel cost instead of self financed.

Sue Sue said...

Will call her tonight and check with her again see whether there is any chop on resubmit on her passport or not. Anyway she is going to try again in Jan next year with my sis and BIL.