Saturday, July 21, 2007

So Clever

Kids nowadays are so clever and naughty. My 2 kids clever nvm some more "Pai Si". While I was out in the living room blogging the two kids were playing inside them room. After 1/2 an hour there is no sound from the room and I thought they must have slept. Went into the room and peep at them see what both of them doing. Aikkk....... both naughty fellows playing with the baby cream all over the bed. Guess must be Le-Ann is the one started it first.

Kepoh Le-Ann this morning, washing her little brother bicycle. You know what she told me?--> " Mommy, wash Didi bicycle ah? Dirty la! " Look at this clever girl, give me excuses to help Ee-Thern to wash his bicycle cos she herself want to play with water.