Sunday, July 8, 2007

070707 at The Curve

Yesterday night brought the 2 kids to The Curve for some window shopping to past our time rather than stay at home. I didn't realize that yesterday is actually 070707 until dearie hubby told me in the car. Therefore I must put my blog up on what we did on this day !

We were at The Curve at about 6.30pm and it is jam packed with people because there is a flea market there. Looking around hopefully I can find a ring for my little girl but all is too big for her. So I give up and dearie hubby was waiting for both of us at Baskin Robbins with Ee-Thern. Me and Le-Ann is sweating like hell and looking forward for glass of cold drinks.

Both at Baskin Robbins had a scoop of ice-cream. Look at both of them really enjoying their ice-cream.

Then we head on to BORDERS cos thinking to get some books for them but end up get nothing. Maybe next day I will go alone and have a peacufull mind on what books to buy for them. Both are just to noisy at BORDERS and having fun reading their favourite books. We were there for about an hour while Daddy missing in action cos he will be at his favourite book section reading his books. Poor me got to take care of the kids.

While at BORDERS received few SMSes from TL and VC and what a coincidence they are also at The Curve. Both girls asked me to drop by at ' LAUNDRY'. For a moment I got stunned where is this place ? Are they dropping their clothes there ? LOL... OIC this is their hanging spot to " Kau Chai". After a few SMSes from them ... OKlah will drop by cos VC have not met my little boy. 4 of us head on to 'LAUNDRY'. Reach there and this place is actually a pub. Both me and Dearie Suki feel so out of place bringing 2 kids to a pub. It is actually a clubbers place for the youngster. Both of us suddenly feel ourself so old 'liao'. Age is really cathcing up. Me more 'MALU' holding 2 balloons from Baskin Robbins in LAUNDRY! LOL. Didn't stay long there about 5 mins and after a glass of beer with the girls we quickly 'CABUT'.

Our final stop is at TESCO and whole of TESCO is full with people and all their trolleys is full with foods and grocery items. As usual Dearie Suki and me will end up buying more and more junk foods.

070707 is a day to remember. Hopefully when the kids grown up and when they read my blog they will know on this special day they were at THE CURVE with Daddy and Mommy !

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