Friday, July 20, 2007

Tagged: 8 Random Facts About Me

Tagged : by Snoopy

I was tagged by Snoopy on the 8 random facts about me. Pretty interesting and have been thinking hard for the past 2 week - "what is the 8 facts about me" ? So here you go :

1. I am a person who love to Bake and Cook so much but most of my friends say that I don't look like one. Hey, please don't judge the book by its cover, OK !

2. I love to Eat and Drink and most of the people will named me ' BANDARAYA' whatever thing that can go into my mouth I will try it.

3. I am a Happy Go Lucky person and don't care what others people think about me.

4. I am a Educated but with No Career mind person. I just don't have the career goal or objectives in my life. What I always think off is to become a SAHM. Crazy right! The person who is real dissapointed with me could be my Dad cos I am not interested to inherit his business.

5. I love being Pampered with lot of hugs and kisses from the one I love. I think this could be I am being so pampered by my Ah Mah when I was a kid. Now my little girl got a bit of my character as she also love being pampered by her Daddy.

6. I could say myself is a Perfectionist. Whatever things I do I will make sure it is perfect. I just can't stand things being done halfway either by hubby or friends or people who work with me.

7. I am a Bad Tempered person but most of the time didn't show out my true reflection except for my Dearie Suki. I will go all out to show my temper to him. Sorry dear, sometimes I just want attention from you :)

8. I love to Day Dream. To dream one day I become a 'Tai Tai', to dream one day my 2 kids become a Doctor, to dream one day my Dearie Suki become a millionaire, to dream one day I travel the world with 2 bodyguards with me. Hey, wake up, wake up, stop the day dreaming.

Well, thats about me. Now I would like to past this baton to my 2 dear cousins and lets see what they say about themselves.


Judy said...

I would like to share the same dreams with you (as in #8). :D

Sue Sue said...

Hahaha... we have something in common!