Saturday, July 14, 2007

Simple Meals #3

Another week has gone and here are some of the simple meals I have cooked for Dearie Suki. He has been busy lately and hopefully he won't complaint much on my simple cooking and I bet he won't do that to me.

One of my favourite, fried kangkong with chilli padi, belachan and off course pounded dried prawns.

Getting bored with steamed silken tofu. For a change, used Japanese tofu cooked with mixed vegetables and oyster sauce.

The Tilapia fish was given by Aunty Ah Boh. Freshly caught from her fishing pond in her durian orchard. Wouldn't mind if she give me more of this.

Again Japanese tofu for dinner and this time used fish paste. Arrange cut Japanese tofu on a plate. Then place a tsp of fish paste on top of the tofu. Decorate it with some thinly shredded carrot. Then steam for about 20 minutes. Remove excess water from the plate. For the sauce, I just make a simple oyster sauce gravy to drizzle on top of the steamed fish paste tofu.

One of Dearie Suki favourite. If there is not other ideas what to cook for him, this Sambal Petai with Ikan Bilis will never ever get him bored even if I cooked it EVERYDAY. Oh gosh... I am sick of cooking this.

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snoopy said...

Its seems that you cook more dishes than SHAM? I will only cook 3 -4 dishes during Sunday...for 3 ppl only.

Sue Sue said...

No la. I cook max is 3 dishes per day but all also very simple one. Sometimes 2. Usually I would like to have a balance diet every day. At least a veg and a meat/fish a day.My cooking I think all is a very common one. Close one eye also know liao. LOL