Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ginseng Tea

Last weekend, 4 of us have a cup of Ginseng Tea each. It is hard to force the 3 monsters at home ( I mean Dearie Suki, Le-Ann and Ee-Thern ) to drink the Ginseng Tea cos it taste a bit of bitter although I added in some rock sugar. According to my Aunt it is good to give them Ginseng Tea because it will help to boost their energy and makes the immune system in our body stronger so that they won't fall sick so often. Don't know whether true or not !

Get the Ginseng from Aunty Ah Boh's Chinese Medical Hall. 100gm for RM80 and this is actually the discounted price from her and it could be much more expensive. Divided the Ginseng into 4 portions and last Saturday double boiled one portion of it for about 5 hours in the slow cooker.

Finally after a few nagging and scolding from me, 3 of them finished up their Ginseng Tea with a 'SOUR FACE'. Really don't know how to appreciate this 'GOOD WIFE & MOMMY' !

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Judy said...

Wah, I also have lots of baby ginseng that my cousin sent me when I was sick with gallstone. Still in my fridge (four about 15 mths already).
Thanks for this, I will go and make some for myself but what is the packet thing you have next to your sliced ginseng?

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, may I know what you put in the ginseng tea beside ginseng and red dates.

Sue Sue said...

Errr, what a good question from both of you! I called up my Aunt today to check what is that and she told me is a kind of herbs that helps to re-energize our body. In Mandarin the called it "Pu Qi Fern". She grind the herbs into powder and pack into a tea bags.

Judy said...

Aiyoh, like that ah. I can't get it here, so I will make my ginseng tea with just red dates?

Sue Sue said...

Hi Judy,
So sorry about it. Looks like u got to make it with just red dates or you can mix it old ginseng (kou lei sum. If u don't like it plan, try to make Chicken Ginseng Soup. Use a whole chicken and add in the ginseng, red dates and wolfberries and double-boiled in a slow cooker for 8 hours.

snoopy said...

Hey, sue, do you think we can get those ginseng tea at the SenSei shop?