Friday, July 13, 2007

New Slippers for Ee-Thern

Last 3 months bought a new slippers for Ee-Thern but it is too big for him. Poor boy! It's hard to get a nice shoe for a boy and unlike Le-Ann she got a cupboard full of shoes. I think by now her shoes is more than mine and Ee-Thern.

Last week took out the slippers again and let him try whether can wear or not. Hooray... finally my boy grown up liao, the slippers fit him.

Look at him. Dearie Suki don't really like the slippers I bought for him and he told me his son looks like a " Samseng Boy ". Aiyar... got meh... I think he is SO CUTEEEEE... with that slippers.

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Judy said...

Hahaha, men's taste different from women, right? Nice slippers.

Blur Mommy said...

I think it's cute too!! : )

Sue Sue said...

:) I think it's cute too. My hubby start nagging me and say I am crazy to get that slippers at RM29.90!

snoopy said...

That is cute shoes...but you know I dont know how to wear this type of shoes. I had one but because everytime I walk, the shoes just fly off..LOL. But those are cute shoes..

Sue Sue said...

I think its cute too. 3 of us, me and my kids bought the same slippers from World of Sports. Got home kena NAG from my hubby and he told me the night market also can get. I think he got no TASTE one.