Saturday, July 7, 2007

Why So Dirty?

Look at my little girl and what is she eating ? Dearie Suki snap a photo of her and look at her. Aiyor....eating the ice-cream till so dirty. She and dearie hubby seems to love ice-cream a lots but not me. Both of them seems like got the same chemistry of liking. Both loves durians, both loves junk foods and now both loves ice-cream.

Dearie Suki bought this newly launched Wall's Mini Poppers ice-cream in Vanilla Flvaours from Giant Subang last week and it come in a handy pack of 3's. Tried one and not too bad but I still prefer sorbet.

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I Cook4Fun said...

Thanks Sue for visiting my blog. You girl is so cute.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi! Just hopped to your blog from Judy's and I love the pic of your little girl! My ice-cream monsters do the same thing too! :)