Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moving Home Services

I remembered during my studies year in University, me and Dearie Suki dream is to buy a new house. We wouldn't want to stay with our parents after we get married because there will always no privacy in our life. We really worked very hard to save enough money to pay for our new house and I still remembered we bought our new house at the age of 24 years old. Though it is a bit small but we are happy with what we have now. After the renovation of our house, we really had a big headache of moving our old furnitures to our new home. Not only that we had so many boxes of things to be shifted over. There are so many things to be packed and transport over to the new house and with our 2 pairs of hands and no one to help, how much can we do?

Moving to our new home makes easy when we engaged those moving home services. Such agency makes moving rather simple and you wouldn't get a big headache out of it. Just pack your stuffs and the moving agency will come over and transport your stuffs to your new home. No headache, no hassle and you can move into your new home just in time. I have a new neighbour who shifted into their new house last week and they engaged the moving home agency to do the job.

There are few options you can plan for your move and it is either you hire a van and move your won or you hire a man and van to move it for you. Second option may save up most of your time and energy when you make a move and for me I rather pay that kind of services available. There are many professional removal company services available and at any time you can get your free quotes from them. At, you can get your free removal quotes from their professional staffs. A quick guide of removal services also available at their website and do check it out now.

Chinese New Year Goodies

Here are the CNY cupcakes I did on the eve of CNY. The kids and cousins at home loves cupcakes. I am trying to used up the fondant at home and wouldn't want to keep it anymore. Trying to do something simple and used the fondant to do the small mini tangerine, the gold and also the cow. Anyway, no one eat the fondant and too bad they scrap it off and threw it away. Sigh :(

Dearie Suki loves pineapple tarts and my CNY will not be complete without the pineapple tarts. This is my only baking for this year, didn't do much because I am rather busy in cooking. Love the texture of the tarts pastry. It is really melt in the mouth type. So yummy!