Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Termites Hit Again

Last week I called up Aunty AC because the kids wanted to go to her house and play with Baby Edmund. She told me not to go there because the termites pest control agency are doing the infestation at her house. Oh no, not again. Her house has been hit by termites few months back and now the termites hit her house again. This round she found the termites is eating up her house roof near her bedroom. This is really scary. When I was at her house the first time, I really scared when I saw those termites. There are few millions of it in her house.

I got so worried that night and told Dearie Suki that our house is built under a rubber plantation land. According to the pest control agency, houses that built under this type of land will easily attract termites. I am going to get the pest control agency to give me a free inspection to my house and it is better to prevent my home now rather than sorry later. Having termites at home is causing more damages to your house and it is worst than earthquakes, fire or storms. I wouldn't want my house to be like Aunty AC house.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sports Day 2008

My son is trying to show off his medal he get from his school sports day. He is really excited about the games and running here and there and I've got to chase after him. After the event, we went back to Ah Mah's house and again he show off his medal to his Kong Kong, Poh Poh, Tai Yee, Faye Yiyi, Kau Fu, Chek Kong, Chim Poh and also both the maid. Hahaha....

Read more from here and the video clips here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Need A New Glasses

My kids played with my glasses yesterday and then accidentally step on it. Oh no! I need a new one now. Found some stylish glasses from and you can find a huge selection of glasses, frames, single lens, tinted sunglasses and bifocal and some progressive lens. Surprisingly the price is cheap and affordable. I think I rather get two pairs instead of one.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Members Get Members At iEmporium

Shopping online has become a trend now in Asia country like us here in Malaysia. I shop online more often now and I am quite happy with all my online purchases. Reason being the transaction is fast and I get my products the next few days. I did think of setting my own online store and sell some unique woman's thing which I did few months ago.

I was surfing the net and I stumbled across this webpage named iEmporium . Its a place where they cater for merchants and shoppers and also provide the enviroment which they can meet. Hmmm... if you are looking to set up you online store, why not join in the iEmporium members and enjoy the great benefits of being in their community.

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Both Are Meat Eaters

Both my kids are really a meat eaters. They love pork. Any food which I used pork, they will just wacked and finished up the whole thing. I make my own version of Siew Mai and now almost everyday they asked for it. They just love it with tomato sauce. Ee-Thern can wacked 6 Siew Mai at one go. Hahaha... check out the recipe from My Kitchen.

Blog By Wordpress

I have been blogging for almost 1 1/2 years now and very soon my blog is going to be 2 years old. Ohhh... how time flies. Over a period of time, I just find blogging is such an interesting hobby for me and I even encouraged two of my good friends to start to have their own blog. Apart from my this very first blog, I have created another 3 new blogs for my cooking, baking and for my kids.

As for my 3 other blogs, I am blogging using the wordpress themes to create my blog page. Blogging through wordpress is much more interesting as they have much more features and furthermore you can find a lot of free wordpress template to download. It is user friendly and I am happy with the templates I downloaded from wordpress. I am going to create another new blog to write down my hobby in gardening. This round I am going to use one of the wordpress template which have a garden of flowers header. I think this really suits the name of my blog. It is a 2 column template and I can't wait to start to work on it. Here is the link to the template - Libs WP Template that I have choosen. Feel free to give me comment of what you think of the template.

Happy 4th Birthday, Le-Ann

Time really flies and in just a wink of eyes, Dearie Suki little precious is already 4 years old. Its her birthday on 30th June, Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We did a small celebration at Ah Mah's house last Sunday.


Happy Birthday, Le-Ann.

So this is what I baked for her. A Little Mermaid Cake that requested by her. She is so happy upon seeing this surprised by me. Ooohhhh... she is such an adorable to both of us.


The kids at home got excited when they see the cake. Hahahaha

To my dearest sweetheart,

Happy Birthday To You, May You Grow Up Healthily, Stay As Cheerful And Playful As You Are Now.

From Your Beloved, Mommy And Daddy