Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Le-Ann

Time really flies and in just a wink of eyes, Dearie Suki little precious is already 4 years old. Its her birthday on 30th June, Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We did a small celebration at Ah Mah's house last Sunday.


Happy Birthday, Le-Ann.

So this is what I baked for her. A Little Mermaid Cake that requested by her. She is so happy upon seeing this surprised by me. Ooohhhh... she is such an adorable to both of us.


The kids at home got excited when they see the cake. Hahahaha

To my dearest sweetheart,

Happy Birthday To You, May You Grow Up Healthily, Stay As Cheerful And Playful As You Are Now.

From Your Beloved, Mommy And Daddy