Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Termites Hit Again

Last week I called up Aunty AC because the kids wanted to go to her house and play with Baby Edmund. She told me not to go there because the termites pest control agency are doing the infestation at her house. Oh no, not again. Her house has been hit by termites few months back and now the termites hit her house again. This round she found the termites is eating up her house roof near her bedroom. This is really scary. When I was at her house the first time, I really scared when I saw those termites. There are few millions of it in her house.

I got so worried that night and told Dearie Suki that our house is built under a rubber plantation land. According to the pest control agency, houses that built under this type of land will easily attract termites. I am going to get the pest control agency to give me a free inspection to my house and it is better to prevent my home now rather than sorry later. Having termites at home is causing more damages to your house and it is worst than earthquakes, fire or storms. I wouldn't want my house to be like Aunty AC house.