Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be Stylish For This Coming Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just a month away. Have you prepare your Chinese New Year goodies? I am almost done because I hate to do it last minute. I have bought the kids new clothings for this coming Chinese New Year too and everthing will be in red. The Chinese believed that RED will bring luck to the family. Whether you believe it or not, that is the Chinese tradition.

Me and my hubby are looking to get a new pair of eyeglasses. Every year both of us will get a new pair of eyeglasses. We used to go to our friends optical shop to get the eyeglasses but lately there are not much choice for us to choose. Most of the designs are so common and both or us are looking something that are more stylish for both of us. Hence, we check it out at Zenni Optical and they have their new Holiday frames available now.

I have found a frame I like it so much. A full rim frame with red colour flower printed at the side. It would be an ideal one to wear it during the first day of Chinese New Year. Apart from that Zenni Optical also offers a range of affordable frames starting from $8 which includes a high quality frame, thin and light 1.57 lens, anti scratch coating with full UV protection. Check it out for more offers from Zenni Optical.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ee-Thern's Big Motorbike

Ee-Thern got this big motorbike from my in laws. Wow, that is real huge and he just need to step on it and it will move. The first try he is a bit scared and refused to step on the accelerator. After a few warm up.... wah ! he can ride as fast as the mat rempit. Wah .... some more can sau corner. LOL.... He is just so cute and looks like a pai kin nah.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year!

My in laws are Catholic and every year we will be at their place for Christmas. The kids are happy to be there too because they love to play with their big Suk Suk and Ku Cheh. This year we didn't put our Christmas tree up because Dearie Suki has been busy for the past few weeks before Christmas and furthermore the Christmas is put too high up in the store room. I couldn't managed to get it by myself. The kids are a bit dissapointed when I told them there will be no Christmas tree at home but then there will be one at their Mah Mah's house.

The kids are happy when they saw the Christmas tree at Mah Mah's house. Both of them has been playing with the Christmas ornaments on the tree and their poor Ku Cheh have to put all up again once we went back home. Hahaha...

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Discounted Eyeglasses For Grab

I went for an eye check up yesterday and wanted to have an eye laser. But too bad the Dr told me for my case I can't do it for certain reasons. Hence, I am sticking back to use eyeglasses for now on. I love having different types of eyeglasses in order for me to match with my office attires. Not only that, I am quite a clumsy person and I tend to break my eyeglasses whenever I misplaced it at night. That is why whenever I discovered any eyeglasses online store offering a great discount, I will purchase a few pairs of it.

I was browsing through the website and discovered Optical4less. I also discovered this website have many types of trendy, fashionable and trendy eyeglasses. Their discounted complete perscription eyeglasses is only selling at USD15 and it is far more cheaper than those I get from the optical shop in the shopping mall. Apart from that, they also offer many types of tinted sunglasses and I am getting two pairs of it too for myself and my hubby. With every purchase of more than one pair of eyeglasses, shipping is free and they ship worldwide too. You can receive your eyeglasses within a week. Check out what their happy customers commented in their testimonial page. I am going to drop by soon to leave my comment.

Fried Asam Laksa

I was having lunch with TCH yesterday afternoon and we went into one of the restaurant in SS14, Subang Jaya. Oh gosh... I forget to take a peek what is that restaurant name but I will definately go there for a second time. I tried something unique in this restaurant. Have you heard of Fried Asam Laksa? The name of the dish itself is so unique and I ordered one plate to try out and I love it. It taste just like Asam Laksa but its fried and dry. Then top up with thinly cut strips of cucumber, big onion, pineapple, bunga kantan, lime and some mint leaves. It is so delish and I am going to tell Dad about it and try to cook it at home one day. Yummy....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quit Your Smoking Habit Now

Quit Smoking Now! That is what I have been telling Dearie Suki all these years. When I delivered Le-Ann he quit for sometime and then after a year, he started it again. Then when I delivered Ee-Thern he quit again for a short period. Now he told me that he will try to reduce it. I am tired of telling him again because as a murtured adult, I think he would be able to judge what is good or bad for his health. Recently, I found out that both his kids are scolding him once he smoke. That was the conversation I heard from the kids while I was cooking. Le-Ann and Ee-Thern told off their Daddy when he smoked again. Guess what they told him? "Daddy, I angry with you when you smoke!" Hahaha.. what a good sentence.

A Tired Day

It was raining cats and dogs the whole of yesterday. We were in IKEA last evening and both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern is having so much fun pushing the kids trolley. I dragged Dearie Suki to come along because I want to get some idea how to decorate the kids room. Now, he is telling me to do it after Chinese New Year. Haizzz.... he has been telling me that since the past one year and I wonder when he really wants to do it.

Surprisingly this year there is not much Christmas ornaments sold in IKEA. I was thinking to get some of it but ended up I can't find any and bought one kitchen rack for my kitchen instead. The queue in IKEA is terrible. Le-Ann was crying and wanted to have ice-cream but looking at the crowds and queue, I need to forget about it. Brought them for dinner at Old Klang Road for Pan Mee. Check out the Pan Mee in MyKitchen. Both of them shared a big bowl of Braised Pork Pan Mee. Wah, both really a big eater now but still my little boy is so skinny.

This morning, Ee-Thern woke up and refused to go to Daycare. Oh gosh... he kept telling me he don't want to go to school and he wanted to go kai kai *faint*. Worst still when I told him I will bring him out on Thursday and he told me to kept my promise. *Aduiiii*

Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Extra Careful This Coming Festive Season

The festive season is coming and the economy is getting real bad. Everyday over the newspaper you can read that robbery and snatch thief is taking place at every corner of the country. I have never come across my mind to be extra careful when I am walking alone or I am staying alone at home until Dearie Suki told me about his cousin sister's case. What happened was his cousin sister was alone with her two kids at home one night. Her husband was not at home that night and left her with her two kids. As usual she will do her laundry at about 11 pm while her two kids were asleep. Suddenly she heard some voice in her house when she was outside the balcony doing her laundry. She was shocked when she saw a man running up her room and took her handbag and then run down from her room and straight away dash out from her front door.

She was shocked and stunned. The first thing she did was to run up the room and checked on her two kids whether both are safe. After that she was shivering and traumatized over the incident and she was so scared to go back to her house when her husband is working late. It is really scarey when such thing happen to you. I was thinking if I am in her shoe I also will get traumatized over it.

After hearing that, I am extra careful whenever Dearie Suki is not around. To be on the safe side, Dearie Suki had bought a Fenix Flashlight for me. He adviced me in any case if there is a robber came into our house, just lock ourself in the room and don't come out. He told me to use the flashlight and light it over the guard at the guard house since my house is few doors away from the guard. I am now more alert to my surrounding whenever I am with my kids. Better be save now than sorry.

Friday, November 21, 2008

December Is Here Soon

In just a wink of eyes, December is approaching soon. It is just like we celebrated Christmas last year and now it is another year to come. The three of us were at Jusco last night for dinner and Le-Ann and Ee-Thern saw the Christmas tree at the concourse area. Both insisted I took a picture for both of them. When I was driving back from Jusco last night, both of them start asking me "Mommy, where is our house Christmas tree" . Both still remembered they decorated the Christmas tree last year ( click here ). Time really flies and very soon we will be preparing for CNY. I think the most happiest person is still the kids. How I wish I can be kid again.

Collision Repair Expert

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Monday, November 10, 2008

School Children's Day

Both my kids will be having school children's day this coming Friday. Last night Le-Ann came back and took her communication book to me. She said Teacher Fann asked her to show mommy. In the book it is written that parents are encouraged to provide some gifts for other children. What I have in mind is to bake cupcakes for the kids and decorate the above the fish design. Wow... I think I need to do 100 cupcakes and I wonder whether can I make it to do or not on Thursday night.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stylish Eyeglasses Anyone?

I wear eyeglasses since I am young . When talking about eyeglasses, I change my eyeglasses every year. Every time I change a new one it will cost me few hundreds. Economy are bad now and I am trying to save as much money as possible and only spend on the necessarily items. The eyeglasses that I bought previously really cost me a bomb. It is so expensive until I tell myself, is it necessary for me to get such expensive frame?

A friend of mine recommend me to This website sells a range of stylish frames online for only $8. Apart from that you also will find a huge selection of stylish frames, the single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, and many more at attractive prices. Do you know why the frames they sell is so cheap and yet it is high in quality? The reason is because they are the manufacturing company and they sell their own manufactured eyeglasses direct to the customers. There is no middleman involve in selling and it is virtually no advertising budget.

Most of the ZenniOptical's customers are happy with their purchases and you can read more from the Clark Howard's page. So for those who are in need for a pair of eyeglasses, hop on to and check out their latest frames.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sick... So , So Sick

I am down with a bad flu and sore throat the past two days. The weather is real bad outside it is either heavy pour in the morning then very hot and sunny day for the rest of the day or the other way round.
I went to the Dr the past two days and the Dr again told me I am having a low blood pressure.Huh? Me having low blood pressure? I really couldn't believe it. But lately I felt giddy and it is just like I wanted to black out at times in the office. Why is wrong with me? Am I having some other sickness? I told Dearie Suki about this and also told him the place that I sit in my small cubic is just right under an air-con. Most of the time the cool air will blow directly on top my head. Is this bad? I think I must request to change my place since the Feng Sui is not too good for me.Hahaha...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Carlsbery Web TV

Good news to all football fans. Carlsbery Brewery has recently launched its fooball web tv channel. In total it has 5 different football channels and each channels show all aspect of football life from classic football matches to life as a fan. Apart from that it has many funny video clips to be downloaded and you can even download your favourite football moment from Carlsbery Web TV. Check it out today from

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ah Mah

To my dearest Ah Mah, Happy Birthday To You
May you stay healthy and strong always.
My Ah Mah celebrated her 94th Birthday on Deepavali Day. It is another potluck birthday party at home. Aunty, uncles , cousins, nephews, and nieces we all gather together on that day. The whole house is pretty crowded. I am happy and glad to see my bunch of cousin sisters over at the party. I bake a Durian Birthday Cake back for Ah Mah. Wanna see my cake and how it looks like? Check it out from my main blog HERE.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleeping Kit

Get a perfectly restful night's sleep with the Dr. Lark's sleep kit. I have been experiencing some sleepless night for the past week. The sleeping kit helps to lift up my mood, diminish my hunger and it help me to sleep better. Apart from that, it also come with a Peaceful Night Spritzer. The spritzer has a soothing and calming blend of high quality oils and it is certainly help to create a restful night.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun With Bento

I have been bentoing quite frequent lately. I really got no heart to know much more about the management arrangement in the office. I am still pissed off with the empty promises given to me. But I am still very positive with my ability and experiences that I can get a better one outside. I only trust myself now.

To forget about what has been happening around me lately, I started to prepare bento again. It is quite fun to prepare all these bento for Dearie Suki and the kids. No matter what happen in life or career, the family always come first in my heart. Who the hell I care about work when I have 2 lovely kids and a caring hubby to cheer me up back at home.

Here are some of the bento I prepare for them at home. The kids are happy with it but Dearie Suki think it is a bit girly to eat from the bento set. Hahaha....

For Dearie Suki.. Chicken Rice, Roast Chicken, Chicken Murtabak

For me... Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Cherry Tomato, Honey Dew

For the kids... Char Siew Pau, Bunny Hard Boiled Egg, Cherry Tomato

For the kids... Tigger Turkey Ham Sandwich, More Turkey Ham Strips, Reese Peanut Buttercup, Banana

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Frames Available At Zenni Optical

I have been using contact lenses for years and recently I have some problem using the contact lenses. My eyes tend to get dry easily and it tend to get itchy at times. I have been using some of the eye drops and it became worst to the eyes. Finally, I consult an eye specialist and the Doctor advised to me is to start using the eyeglasses again. Oh... that is the thing I hate about using eyeglasses but what choice do I have unless I am brave enough to go for an eye laser on both my eyes. After my second thought, I don't think so I want to do that and I shall stick back to my eyeglasses.

I have been ordering some eyeglasses frame from Zenni Optical few months back and I am quite happy with the hippy and stylish frames I bought. The deals given are amazing and you can get a stylish glasses from $8 a pair. Yes! It is only $8. There is a huge selection of frames available and currently more stylish frames available in their webpage. Apart from that they also have the frames with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. With the new frames availability, I am going to gather my sister, brother in law, dad and hubby to choose the frames and put it in one order since shipping and handling cost is only at $4.95 per order, no matter how many frames you order. Check out the feedback leave in the testimony page from their customers. If you want a cheap and affordable eyeglasses, check it out at Zenni.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

The housing area I am staying now is so quiet on a Raya Eve. My neighbours are mainly Malays who are working in the goverment offices in Putrajaya, some of them are lecturers and professors in UPM and some of them are masters students. Last night when I peeped out from my room's windows, all of them sudah balik kampung for the Raya celebration. It is really quiet and as though I am staying in a ghost town. But good things is there is no traffic jam and it tooks me only 20 minutes to reach the office this morning.

Tonight I must stop by at the Pak Cik's lemang stall outside my house to get myself some lemang and rendang ayam for tomorrow breakfast. Yum, yum... my saliva is already drooling.

To all Malay bloggers and readers to my blog, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD is a short form for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The three main symptoms for kids having ADHD is that they get bored easily, they act fast on certain things without thinking first and lastly they are super hyperactive. Many parents concern about their kids with ADHD .Now they can seek help with adhd from Dr C and Elwood. If you would like to know more information about ADHD, check it out at Dr C and Elwood's ADHD Club. A place where parent and children learn about ADHD with activities and tele-seminars in the club that helps parent get along with their kids.

Happy Birthday Ee-Thern

Happy Birthday, Ee-Thern. 25th September is my boy birthday. He is 3 years old today. Time really flies and this coming Sunday, I think Mom will be preparing to hold a birthday party bash for him and my Dad. Dad birthday falls on this coming Sunday and I will be busy again to bake 2 cakes for both of them. Hmmm... planning to bake Durian Cake. Hehehehe..

Last night, I baked a batch of Butter Cupcakes for Ee-Thern to bring to school today. He will be celebrating his Birthday with his classmate. Then this morning when I send him to school he is singing a Birthday song to himself while holding his new Thomas & Train bag. Daddy bought a RM99.90 school bag for him. Wah so expensive! Siao! Check out my other blog HERE for more pictures of him.

"Happy Birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me....e.....e..,

Happy Birthday to me"



This is the batch of trains and stars cupcakes I decorated for him. He have not see it yet. Hopefully later he will be surprise with the cutie cuppies me and Dearie Suki decorated for him. I gave Teacher Fann my camera and hopefully she can take some nice pictures of him today in school. Oohhh .. can't wait for it and today kitchen is closed and we will be out for dinner to celebrate with him.

"To my Ee-Thern, Happy Birthday to you and may you grow up healthily and cheerfully . Stay as cheerful and as talkative as you are now. . But don't be like a naughty boy, ya."

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service

I used to bring my kids to see the padeatrician but after a while I felt that all the medicines he prescribed to the kids are the same. But the consultation fee he charged us cost us a bomb. After a while Dearie Suki decided to get the medicines from the pharmacy. We discovered getting the drugs from online services like the Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service can saves us about 40% to 90% of the medication cost. Well I could say it is save and it services connects you to a pharmacy in a safe and thrustworthy environment. It is pretty simple to order for the drugs you want. What you need to do is just a few simples steps. Search for the drugs you want, place your order and you will get the drugs send to your door step. It is just so simple and easy, trust me, it is safe too.

Happy 51st Merdeka Day

Hooray... its Merdeka Day today and tomorrow will be a holiday here. Yeah! Tonight my group of friends will be here for a gathering and we did this for the past two years. It is great to have them here and atleast we can have a chat and catch up with each other. This morning I went to the wet market to get the stuffs as I am going to prepare the Pumpkin Porridge Steamboat for them. Stay tuned and check out my main blog here as I will update with more pictures of of. Till then Happy 51st Merdeka Day and hope you enjoy your long weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Is Just Awesome

Losing weight.... it is the hardest thing I can do in my life. I used to be slim and thin but once after I step into the corporate world I gained 7 kg when I first started with my first company. There are so many entertainments and working in the food industry I got the chance to try various food from international level to the hawker level. If you are a food lover, isn't this job is such a great job. You get to eat and try new food. I am a person who love to eat and try for new food invention. I think I can eat anything as long as it is edible. Hahaha... that is a real bad eating habit of me. Over the years as I grow older, I realized my metabolisme rate drop. I am not as active as last time and losing the extra pound from my body is just so hard. My weight started to gain from 46 kg to 53kg. Then things get worsen when I gave birth to my 2 little kids. I gain another 5kg and now my total weight is 58kg. I have been telling myself I need to lost 12 kgs.

I have been trying very hard to loose my weight. Last month I went to see the Doctor and he found that my blood pressure is at the low side. I did tell him that I am on a strict diet now and I hardly take breakfast and lunch. Only a little bit of rice for dinner. The Doctor told me, low calories diet is extremely dangerous, then low carb plans are way too strict for Asian, and low fat foods wouldn't work for long term. I am actually on weight watchers plan and I tried the Jenny Craig plan before but it just takes too long to see the result.

My good buddy FL, recommend me to this great diet plan and it is totally just so awesome. Its a new way to diet by experiencing a permanent and lasting weight loss. You eat more but you still loose your weight. You can continue to eat your favourite foods and you can look thinner in just 10 days and you will be a happier, stronger and healthier person. Isn't this diet plan is just so simple. I have tried and the fact of dieting is all about FOOD. The fact is, by eating the right food at different interval each day, it will send you metabolism levers through the roof and experience the fast and drastic weight loss. I have loose 3 kgs in a week and I will stick to this diet plan and I am gonna do it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School

The kids is back to school today. I am glad the school re-open today. For the past one week, my 2 little rascal at home.... play and fight then play again and fight. In a day, they can call me 5 times on the handphone, crying and complaining who hit who. Aduiii... makes me so headache.
Pick them up from the daycare this evening and both seems to look cheerful and even when they are in the car, they kept telling me about their friends, what they play with them, what song they sing, what they eat and what they did in school. Look at my little boy above, he is so happy when I picked him up from daycare. Hahaha.. .can even sing 'Ba ba , black sheep , have you ......'

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Webhosting Domain

Blogging is part of my life now. I am hooked to it and I make sure I update it every alternate days. I was thinking to get my own domain for my current blog. Before I can do that, I need to find a reliable webhosting company. My hubby adviced me to get my own domain as I can have the option to choose a unique domain name. As I am not fully trained in IT, I need to do more research about getting a host for my own domain. It is important for me to compare the prices and services the webhosting company could offer to me. Another option is to look into website that provides a webhosting review such as Check out their webpage now for more information.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My 2 Kids At Home

It's a school holiday and my 2 kids is at home with Dearie Suki. I won't be able to take any leave due to some important meeting that I can't be avoided. Kids at home didn't go anywhere as Le-Ann is having some skin rashes which causes itch to her and she has been staying indoor since Monday. Poor little girl, every morning asked me whether got schooling or not. Guess what my 2 kids did at home.....

6.30am : Wake up and asking for milk mill then started to play by their own. i.e: colouring, playing with toys, etc...

7.30am : Went down to the living room, waving bye bye to me and Le-Ann started to cry while Ee-Thern didn't bother to say bye to me and he just concentrate to the cartoon on the TV.

8.00am : Le-Ann called me over the handphone and started .... "Mommy, mommy please come back now. Didi hit me on the eyes... bla,bla,bla" and there she goes the list of complaint.

8.10am - 1.00pm : Play on their own and turning the house upside down.

1.30pm : Take bath and had lunch.

2.00pm - 4.00pm : Play again and this round turning the room upside down.

4.00pm - 8.00pm : Slept till dinner time.

See this is their everyday activities during school holiday. Dearie Suki was having headache taking care of them as both of them turned their Daddy upside down. Hahaha..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be Healthy , Think Healthy

Me and Dearie Suki realized that as we grow older, there are numbers of sickness pop out in our health. Both of us went for a check up and the result shown that our cholesterol level is at the border line which means it is not a good sign. Doctor advise us to control our in-take now and make sure we exercise more and eat healthily. Hmmm... it is kind of hard for me especially when I am working in the food industry. Day and night we have been testing out new food products and when come to festive season, we have been invited by suppliers for dinner at the posh Chinese restaurants. So how am I going to go on diet ? I did think of go dieting by having diet pills but so far I have yet to try one. From today onwards I must have the determination to go dieting and must always carry my motto... "Be Healthy, Think Healty". How I wish I have such figures again.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympic Fever Is Here

The Olympic fever is here and my kids has been following both of us watching the Olympic games over the TV. I get Dearie Suki to called up Astro just to add the sports channel so that I can watch it over the weekend and at night. Luckily both my kids didn't fight with me over their Cartoon Network Channel. Hehehe... good girl and good boy ya.

For the past few days we have been watching the artistic gymnastic event for both men and women. Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern lie down quietly on the sofa watching the sport. Phewww... so far so good and both of them kind of interested in it. Sis told me there is a Gymnastic's Russian coach has been coaching some young children in one of the Chinese school near my place in Sri Serdang. Hmmm.... I wonder which is it and maybe I want to enroll them in this games. My kids has been practicing and act as the gymnastic stunt at home.Hehehe... so funny and wait till you see their act, you will LOL. Will post up in my other blog and make sure you check it out here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Termites Hit Again

Last week I called up Aunty AC because the kids wanted to go to her house and play with Baby Edmund. She told me not to go there because the termites pest control agency are doing the infestation at her house. Oh no, not again. Her house has been hit by termites few months back and now the termites hit her house again. This round she found the termites is eating up her house roof near her bedroom. This is really scary. When I was at her house the first time, I really scared when I saw those termites. There are few millions of it in her house.

I got so worried that night and told Dearie Suki that our house is built under a rubber plantation land. According to the pest control agency, houses that built under this type of land will easily attract termites. I am going to get the pest control agency to give me a free inspection to my house and it is better to prevent my home now rather than sorry later. Having termites at home is causing more damages to your house and it is worst than earthquakes, fire or storms. I wouldn't want my house to be like Aunty AC house.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sports Day 2008

My son is trying to show off his medal he get from his school sports day. He is really excited about the games and running here and there and I've got to chase after him. After the event, we went back to Ah Mah's house and again he show off his medal to his Kong Kong, Poh Poh, Tai Yee, Faye Yiyi, Kau Fu, Chek Kong, Chim Poh and also both the maid. Hahaha....

Read more from here and the video clips here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Need A New Glasses

My kids played with my glasses yesterday and then accidentally step on it. Oh no! I need a new one now. Found some stylish glasses from and you can find a huge selection of glasses, frames, single lens, tinted sunglasses and bifocal and some progressive lens. Surprisingly the price is cheap and affordable. I think I rather get two pairs instead of one.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Members Get Members At iEmporium

Shopping online has become a trend now in Asia country like us here in Malaysia. I shop online more often now and I am quite happy with all my online purchases. Reason being the transaction is fast and I get my products the next few days. I did think of setting my own online store and sell some unique woman's thing which I did few months ago.

I was surfing the net and I stumbled across this webpage named iEmporium . Its a place where they cater for merchants and shoppers and also provide the enviroment which they can meet. Hmmm... if you are looking to set up you online store, why not join in the iEmporium members and enjoy the great benefits of being in their community.

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Both Are Meat Eaters

Both my kids are really a meat eaters. They love pork. Any food which I used pork, they will just wacked and finished up the whole thing. I make my own version of Siew Mai and now almost everyday they asked for it. They just love it with tomato sauce. Ee-Thern can wacked 6 Siew Mai at one go. Hahaha... check out the recipe from My Kitchen.

Blog By Wordpress

I have been blogging for almost 1 1/2 years now and very soon my blog is going to be 2 years old. Ohhh... how time flies. Over a period of time, I just find blogging is such an interesting hobby for me and I even encouraged two of my good friends to start to have their own blog. Apart from my this very first blog, I have created another 3 new blogs for my cooking, baking and for my kids.

As for my 3 other blogs, I am blogging using the wordpress themes to create my blog page. Blogging through wordpress is much more interesting as they have much more features and furthermore you can find a lot of free wordpress template to download. It is user friendly and I am happy with the templates I downloaded from wordpress. I am going to create another new blog to write down my hobby in gardening. This round I am going to use one of the wordpress template which have a garden of flowers header. I think this really suits the name of my blog. It is a 2 column template and I can't wait to start to work on it. Here is the link to the template - Libs WP Template that I have choosen. Feel free to give me comment of what you think of the template.

Happy 4th Birthday, Le-Ann

Time really flies and in just a wink of eyes, Dearie Suki little precious is already 4 years old. Its her birthday on 30th June, Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We did a small celebration at Ah Mah's house last Sunday.


Happy Birthday, Le-Ann.

So this is what I baked for her. A Little Mermaid Cake that requested by her. She is so happy upon seeing this surprised by me. Ooohhhh... she is such an adorable to both of us.


The kids at home got excited when they see the cake. Hahahaha

To my dearest sweetheart,

Happy Birthday To You, May You Grow Up Healthily, Stay As Cheerful And Playful As You Are Now.

From Your Beloved, Mommy And Daddy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pure Performance SEO

Do you know what is the meaning of SEO? Before I start into all the blogging thingy, I would never what is the meaning of SEO. But now, yes I know what it meant. SEO means Search Engine Optimization whereby the Performance Based Search Engine Optimization SEO is offered by iMajestic. They had guaranteed their client that they will not accept their pay if their webpage is not at the top 10 search position for the chosen keywords in the chosen search engine. And yes they even Google. There will be no set up fees and they are accountable 100% for performance and compensation. Get started with it and you will not be disappointed with the result.

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Yerrrr... Shame Shame Ee-Thern

My little Ee-Thern, real cute and humurous. This morning while playing with his Cheh Cheh, suddenly Le-Ann called me and asked me to look at Ee-Thern...

Le-Ann : Mommy, mommy, see Ee-Thern... ( she is giggling and laughing ). Yer , shame ,shame monkey shame. I can see your bird bird.
Me :
Huh? Why ah?

Le-Ann : Mommy, mommy you cannot see?
Me : See what? ( Le-Ann then pointed to me that Ee-Thern's pants ripped off and there is one big hole on his bird bird area ). Hahahahaha

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture of him and you can see how is his reaction. A real mengada-gada boy.

Ee-Thern :
Mommy, you see. Hahahaha... bird, bird errr... Alumak...


So, can you see the hole? Neh... at XXX.


Alumak, mommy!