Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee-Thern

Happy Birthday, Ee-Thern. 25th September is my boy birthday. He is 3 years old today. Time really flies and this coming Sunday, I think Mom will be preparing to hold a birthday party bash for him and my Dad. Dad birthday falls on this coming Sunday and I will be busy again to bake 2 cakes for both of them. Hmmm... planning to bake Durian Cake. Hehehehe..

Last night, I baked a batch of Butter Cupcakes for Ee-Thern to bring to school today. He will be celebrating his Birthday with his classmate. Then this morning when I send him to school he is singing a Birthday song to himself while holding his new Thomas & Train bag. Daddy bought a RM99.90 school bag for him. Wah so expensive! Siao! Check out my other blog HERE for more pictures of him.

"Happy Birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me....e.....e..,

Happy Birthday to me"



This is the batch of trains and stars cupcakes I decorated for him. He have not see it yet. Hopefully later he will be surprise with the cutie cuppies me and Dearie Suki decorated for him. I gave Teacher Fann my camera and hopefully she can take some nice pictures of him today in school. Oohhh .. can't wait for it and today kitchen is closed and we will be out for dinner to celebrate with him.

"To my Ee-Thern, Happy Birthday to you and may you grow up healthily and cheerfully . Stay as cheerful and as talkative as you are now. . But don't be like a naughty boy, ya."