Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weather Oh Weather

The weather these few days is crazy. Everyday without miss, the weather is hot in the afternoon and the rain heavily in the evening. The thing I hate most is when it rains in the evening which is just right after office hours. It created bad traffic and it took me 1 hour to reach home instead of 30 minutes. My cousin told me we are lucky here because we still get rain but the weather in Arizona is as hot as 80 degress. Wow, this is crazy and it is extremely hot. With such hot weather,the Arizona relocation services is able to helps those who stay there to relocate their home to another place based on their requirement and budget. Gosh, who would want to live in Arizone?

Have Fun With Photofunia

What a boring day. I found this fun website from one of the blogger and though of giving it a try to upload some of Ee-Thern's pictures and see what is the outcome. Hahaha... See how cute he is from the two pictures below. Looks like real painting ya? Have fun with the Photofunia website when you have nothing to do.