Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treats ? Happy Hallowen

Its Hallowen Day today. Although it was not a big hit here in Malaysia unlike other Western countries but we sure do have some fun at home with the kids. I have this cute and small little pumpkin in the kitchen and its been there for almost 3 months. This was given by mom's cousin when we visit her in Raub on Merdeka Day. Going to cut this pumpkin.

Also thanks to my new blogger friend Wen, for tagging me "You're Treat" and reminding me that its Hallowen today.

I was telling Dearie Suki I want to carve the pumpkin after dinner, instead of me doing it, he volunteer to do it with the kids.

Look at the busy daddy doing the crafting and little Le-Ann and Ee-Thern busy helping.

Tadaa... BRAVO * clap, clap * Dearie , you did a great job * kiss, kiss *

Dearie Suki lighted it up in the garden

Little girl was having fun in the garden but my Ee-Thern chicken out and got scared with the carved pumpkin and refuse to take a picture with 'Cheh Cheh'.

Europe Tour : Bye Bye Amsterdam - Day 8

Yesterday night can't even slept cos it is so noisy outside. Went down to the receptionist at about 12 am to get a cup of hot drinks. I had a chat with the girl at the receptionist, she was telling its a weekend a lot people hang around in the pub and disco near the hotel. That is why so noisy and you can hear loud music and the police siren all around. Weather is cold and the girl told me is O DC. I quite like the hotel, staff are friendly, cheap and got good breakfast, although room is damn small but atleast a bathroom and toilet attached to it. The hotel is run by a family and I think they are Turkish.

Manage to sleep at last but was awake from my neighbour room at about 5 am. That 'siau ang moh' maybe just got back from clubbing and makes so much noise and some I think they are having XXX. Alamak....

Slept and woke again at about 7 am and get myself ready and packed my luggage and ready to head to the airport.

Amsterdam at 7.45 am still dark and cold

I bought this pastry at the Central Station. I think this is the best pastry I ever tried. Inside is minced pork filling and I bought 2 for Dearie Suki to try. Crazy me.

Had my breakfast at Schipol Airport. Boring McDonalds again.

Check-in and hang around at the airport. I think this is a busy airport, early morning the airport is packed with travellers.

It time to for boarding , walked towards the gate and finally saw the tail of the plane.... MAS. Hahaha... HOORAY... I am going back.... 10 minutes before I board the plane, Dearie Suki called me and check whether am I on the way to board the plane. Off course I am on my way back home.

Overall it is quite a nice trip to these 3 countries but travelling alone is not FUN. How I wish my Dearie Suki is travelling together with me. Coming ANUGA Fair is in year 2009, if I were choosen to attend this fair again, I will extend my trip to Vienna.

***** coming up next- What Did I Buy From This Trip ? *****

Europe Tour : Amsterdam - Day 7

Another day gone and today is the last day I am in Amsterdam. Signed up a Amsterdam City tour in the morning and in the afternoon another tour to North of Holland whereby we will visit a fishing villages of Volendam, Marken adn the Windmills village.

As usual the city tour start at 10 am sharp and I hopped into the coach and basically the coach will drive around Amsterdam. It is a 2 1/2 hours tour and also will bring us to visit a Diamond Factory.

Random pictures of Amsterdam

The Cathedral

Another Beautiful Canal


Beautiful Park

Didn't get the name for this statue


Cute SMART Car

The GASSAN Diamond Factory

This is the most expensive GASSAN 121 diamond with brilliant cuts and also with 57 facets. Cost about EURO70,000. Strike lottery also not enough money to buy la.

Look at this shiny diamond *wink*. The sales girl kept asking us to try and some more say politely " No money to buy nevermind, just try it and give yourself a feel of the expensive diamond ". Imagine if is in Malaysia, once you try, there will be 10 CCTVs shooting straight at you.

No money to buy diamond, but at least a souvenier from GASSAN diamond lah. hihihi.... LOL

While waiting for the rest to get into the coach, I went to the cafeteria at GASSAN Diamond Factory for a free drinks and bought myself a packet of Lay's Potato Chips to munch. Get this from the vending machine at EURO 0.70.

The coach send us back to the agency and the next tour will start at 2 pm and it is only 12.30 pm and I have 1 1/2 hour to walk around. By not wasting my time, I went to Madame Tussaud aka the Wax Musuem. I wanted to go to this musuem so much when I was in London about 9 years go. At that time I only have 400 POUND with me for the entire trip in London and Paris. Due to tight financial end up I didn't go and save the money to buy the EUROTRAIN ticket to Paris Disneyland. At that time I was in my final year in UNI and its a semester break. Instead of staying at home I bought the air ticket to look for LBA in Exeter, UK. S0 I am just another POKAI backpackers travelling alone.

The queue is so long and the ticket to go in is EURO 19.95. At last I make it to go in and it is an experienced for me at least I have been to the wax museum.

Amsterdam City ( taken from the Madame Tussaud )

Amsterdam Central Station

The second partof the tour is to the North of Holland whereby our first stop is at the Windmills near Volendam which we will visit 2 places the wooden shoemaker and the cheese factory.

The Wooden Shoe Workshop

The windmills village

The cheese factory

The next stop is to the fishing villages in Volendam and Marken. It is a beautiful fishing village and the entire town looks so peaceful. Weather is very cold here. We will be on a cruise to another fishing village and while waiting for the boat, I walked around the peaceful town.

Smell something nice from a nearby stall selling fried fish fillets. I get one to try out and didn't bother to ask what fish is it but it sure taste good to me.

The beautiful scenery of the fishing village

The tour ended at about 7 pm and drop us off at the Amsterdam Central Station. I did some last minute shopping in Amsterdam and my last place to visit is the SEX Museum. I have been passing this place for the past 3 days and I am so curious to know what they have inside. Entrance fee is EURO 3.00 and not so expensive ya but no female inside la all also male one. Don't care la, walked straight to the counter, pay EURO 3.00 and started my excursion in the museum. Alamak nothing much to see also, mostly the porno pictures, some sex toys, ......

Very long "DICK" hor

Took a tram back to the hotel at about 10 pm and after taking bath went down to the receptionist to get some hot water for my MAGGI HOT CUP. After so many days I still think the MAGGI HOT CUP is the BEST.

Tomorrow I got to wake up early to catch the 12 noon flight back to KLIA. I am so excited to go back now. I miss Dearie Suki, I miss my kids, I miss the foods in Malaysia.... I WANT TO GO BACK!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Europe Tour : Belgium - Day 6

Slept through the whole night and nearly overslept. Woke up at 8.30 am and quickly get myself ready for breakfast at the hotel cafe before I take a tram out to the Central Station. Today I will be going to Antwerp and Brussels and it is a day tour ( about 12 hours ) starting from 10 am.

Something really surprised me during breakfast. I don't expect for a good breakfast and what I have in mind is this type of cheapo hostel served lousy breakfast as what I had 9 years ago in London. I still remembered the hostel in London only served 2 croissants, butter / jam and coffee for breakfast. The one I am staying in Amsterdam eventually have ham, bacon, cheese and egg for me. Apart from that they also served milk, coffee,tea, apple juice and orange juice. Not too bad huh, only EURO 43.00 per night inclusive of breakfast and each room have a bathroom and toilet and I don't need to share the bathroom and toilet with the rest as what I did in London.

Eve, warned me not to be late when I go for the tour cos she herself experienced it in Frankfurt. She was late 1 min when the coach stop for toilet break and left without her. I am in rush and by the time I reached the agency it is about 9.55 am and the coach left to Belgium exactly 10 am. Wah very punctual hor. The coach is full and only about 4 Asians including me in the tour. From Amsterdam to Antwerp is about 2 1/2 hours drive and from Antwerp to Belgium is another 40 minutes drive.

Here are some random pictures taken in Amsterdam while waiting the coach

Nice scenery during the journey to Antwerp

City of Antwerp

The Cathedral in Antwerp

The statue behind is the Brabo Fontein.This little sailor was a hero who was trying to navigating his ship down to river Scheldt. Then come a big giant stop his ship and demand for money before letting them continue their journey. Brabo fought with the giant and chop off his hand and threw it in the water. Hence this story explained where the name of the city Antwerp comes from.

The City Hall in Antwerp

We are only given about 1 hour to walk around and have lunch in Antwerp Market Square. In order to save up the time, I 'ta pau' the famous Fleming Fries with over 38 types of sauces to choose from and also some fried Chicken Nuggets for lunch. The fries is so nice and the portion is so huge can last me till dinner! The whole thing cost me EURO 5.50, also not so cheap ya after you convert to RM.

We reached Brussels at about 2.30 pm and was given about 2 hours to walk around. Weather in Brussels is sunny but it is so cold. The tour guide recommended the famous handmade chocolate to us and it is a must buy cos Belgium produce the BEST CHOCOLATE in the world.

The Grand Place is the most magnificient square in the world. The buildings is constructed in medieval fashion with decorative gables, gilded facades, and brilliant gold accent. The strcture of the building in Grand Place really amazed me. Besides from buildings surround the area they have a busy shopping street and you can get lots of stuff like chocolates, lace , tapestry, souveniers, waffles, cafe and many more.....

Lace and Tapestry

Yummy, fresh handmade chocolate

The famous statue " Minneke Pis "

Tea time bought this waffles with strawberry toppings. It is so nice, outside is crunchy and inside is soft and fluffy. Guess how much ? EURO 4.00 = RM 20.00 !

The court in Brussels

Busy street in Brussels

The Palace in Brussels

The Brussels University


The sky is getting dark by 6 pm and its time to head back to Amsterdam. It is quite a worth while trip to Belgium and for this trip I booked on-line and it is about USD75.00. No regrets going to Belgium indeed it is a beautiful country.

Reach Amsterdam at about 10 pm and took a tram back to the hotel. Again it is a scary walk while walking back to the hotel. It is quite and cold but atlast I reached the hotel and took a hot bath before I go to sleep but the weather outside is real cold and I think it is about 2 DC at night. Cold, cold , cold....

***** Amsterdam - Day 7 coming up soon *****