Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bento #10 : Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is one of my lunch Bento I brought to work few weeks back. Have not been making any Bento recently reason being I am busy and hardly cook during dinner. Even if I cook it will just nice for me and Dearie Suki.

My Hainanese Chicken Rice Bento with a tub of Yoghurt for lunch. Front bento is the steamed Hainanese Chicken with Oyster Sauce and some ginger. Then on the right is the buttered garlic rice and I sprinkle some black sesame on top. Top left some salad and chinese parsley to go along with the chicken rice. Wow.... this lunch is real huge for me and it is compatible to a plate of Chicken Rice sold at the Kopitiam !

My Bento Boxes all set to go into the Bento Bag and all of these Bentos come in a complete set plus a matching Bento Strap. Also not forgetting to pack in the yoghurt for lunch. A wonderful lunch in the office with a wonderful Bento.


Anggie's journel said...

your bento set very nice la... full set with the bag !! Buy online ?

singairishgirl said...

That's a lovely homecooked lunch to bring to work. :)

Cat Cat said...

Cute bento set, Sue... I'm going to get some bento set on my next trip back to Malaysia. Ada jual kat mana? Jaya Jusco?

Happy Homebaker said...

Sue, you make very nice bento! I've just started learning how to make bento lunch for my kids. Looking forward to many more ideas from you :)

Dancing Queen said...

The Calci-yum yoghurt is so smooooth! My kids love it, especially the vanilla flavour. :)

Sue Sue said...

Yes lor buy online one.

Sometimes I will get bored with it. Eat the same thing again the next day. But it save up a lot of money leh.

Oi sister, Malaysia very hard to find bento set one la. Sometimes the 100 yen shop got nice one somtime tak ada. I bought online leh from Ebay.

Happy Homebaker,
U also very good leh in preparing your kids meal.

Dancing Queen,
Yer the Vanilla nice meh. I dont like la.

Cat Cat said...

Oh ok ok.. Nanti Cath cari kat ebay ya.. Thanks babe.

allthingspurple said...

love love love your bento box and matching bag !!!

love the lunch too. is the recipe for hainanese rice inside your blog?