Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kids, Lets Have Breakfast

Dearie Suki always wanted me to prepare breakfast for the kids at home but for me, I still prefer to eat with the kids at the Kopitiam and enjoy my cup of 'Kopi O'. You know why Dearie Suki want to eat at home ? .... So that he don't need to wake up so early and send us out to the Kopitiam.

Last Saturday makes some French Toast for the kids and fried some ham and bacon too for their breakfast. Dearie Suki loves french toast and me as well. It is easy to prepare too, you will need eggs, some milk, sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Coat the bread with egg mixture and pan fried in a non-stick pan with some oil till golden brown. Easy right ?

Yummy, french toast for the whole family.

This breakfast for the Big Baby at home who are still sleeping soundly in bed, Zzzzz. He woke up at 12 pm to have his breakfast! Did you realize the bread got one hole in the middle. It is actually a gingerbread man, I cut out with a cookie cutter for the kids. Balance of the unused egg mixture I pour into the whole and fried it under slow fire till the egg set.

This are for the kids. Cut the french toast with a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Some rolled ham and secure it with cute animal toothpicks and each of them have a bottle of Yakult.

Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern before they have their breakfast they finished up their Yakult. So fast ah and I don't even know they have finished it until I came out from the kitchen. Little girl is a real meat eater, only attack the ham and pass the french toast to his brother.

Little boy, also another meat eater and he loves the ham so much. I think I got to quit my habit of going out to the Kopitiam for breakfast and have to prepare more breakfast for the kids and Dearie Suki during weekend looking at the way three of them enjoy the breakfast I prepare for them.


Cat Cat said...

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Ee-Thern is sooooo cute... I love his last picture where he bit on the sausage.. Cute..

singairishgirl said...

Sue Sue, your blog is my every day must read. ;)

Sue Sue said...

I am feeling OK now. What to do, aiyar dont want to bother bout my STP so much d. She gila one.

I am glad to hear that. I also visit ur blog everyday leh.

Judy said...

Aiyoh, long time I have not had french toast. Used to have it when I was a kid with eggs and sugar but the real french toast is savoury which my kids prefer.

Your kids eat well for breakfast.

singairishgirl said...

Haha, I am glad to hear it too. ;)

Sue Sue said...

My kids suka2 one, sometimes want to eat sometimes dont want to eat. Sometimes very picky some more.