Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Surprise From Hubby

Last Friday after I came back from JB, Dearie Suki picked me up at the UPM rest area. In the car the told me he got something for me. Huh... I also blur blur what is he trying to say to me. Then ...ta da.... he took out a small black casing and pass it to me and say "Nah, for you".

To my surprised, hooray, yahoo,... he got me a new CANON Ixus 70 digital camera a very much smaller version almost doubled the smaller size from my current old junk SONY Cyber Shot. I've been talking and asking his opinion that at the end of the year I am going to use part of my bonus to get myself either a new camera or a handphone and after much consideration I think its better to get smaller version of camera instead of handphone. I am not those 'canggih' person who opt for 'canggih' handphone as long as I can call out and SMS will do.

My Dearie Suki is quite a sensitive person and that is why he always give me surprises. I asked him how much is the camera and he told me RM1000 plus. Wah, so expensive one ah, he must be crazy man. Then he start telling me he pity me cos always carry the old junk around some more so bulky and heavy. Hahaha... atleast he understand me.


Thickness of the size is only 1.2cm and its 7.1 Mega Pixels. Wah so light and small.


My old junk will always remember it and this camera has a sentimental value to me. Its the first camera my Dearie Suki bought for me during our wedding day. So I will keep it.

My Dearie Suki friend, PK, MSN me yesterday night and this afternoon asking me how is the camera cos he is having the same model too and apparently he recommended this model to my Dearie Suki. So, PK if you are reading my blog, I have yet to explore the function and must slowly, slowly see through and try to snap some shots.

Brought back the camera to Ah Mah's house last Sunday and show off to Phatboy Joe and V. Both of them test out the function of the camera and taken some photos of the kids with the camera. Result is not too bad and quite a clear shot of the following pictures.

Kids riding bicycles outside Ah Mah's house and even my Ee-Thern dare to sit at the back of the big bicycle and let Faye Ah Yi fetch him. Look at them its like CITY KIDS out from JAIL.

Phatboy Joe is always the kids favourite 'Kau Fu'.

To my Dearie Suki - Thank you so much and most of all LOVE YOU SO MUCH for giving me more and more surprises. So my next target item is to change my old junk - handphone. Hahaha...will this another surprises from him ?


I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, your hubby really 'sai sum' know you need a new camera and bought you one. So now you can take some beautiful pix for us in Germany. Canon is a good camera.

Anonymous said...

so sweet =)

singairishgirl said...

oh wow, so sweet of him, and can plait little girl's hair too. Double wow.

Dancing Queen said...

Wow, your hubby is so sweet! Better cook more supper for him lor! :D

Anonymous said...

you so fortunate!

I also thinking of buying one. can u tell me how big is the memory? can do video recording for how long,approx?


Anggie's journel said...

so u can take more photo and blog more ....
so sweet .... *-*

Sue Sue said...

This is my hubby character. Hopefully I can snap some nic pic in Germany.

Thank you. I was wondering do you have a blog?

That fat boy is my cousin bro and he is a very cute person and also very creative. The kids love him so much every Sunday go back must look for him one.

Dancing Queen,
Haiyor used to it liao, everytime also supper whether sweet or not sweet.

Anonymous again,
Hubby told me is about 2G and yes can do video recording but don't know how long leh.

No la still the same leh.

singairishgirl said...

O i c. Haha.