Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Europe Tour : Bye Bye Amsterdam - Day 8

Yesterday night can't even slept cos it is so noisy outside. Went down to the receptionist at about 12 am to get a cup of hot drinks. I had a chat with the girl at the receptionist, she was telling its a weekend a lot people hang around in the pub and disco near the hotel. That is why so noisy and you can hear loud music and the police siren all around. Weather is cold and the girl told me is O DC. I quite like the hotel, staff are friendly, cheap and got good breakfast, although room is damn small but atleast a bathroom and toilet attached to it. The hotel is run by a family and I think they are Turkish.

Manage to sleep at last but was awake from my neighbour room at about 5 am. That 'siau ang moh' maybe just got back from clubbing and makes so much noise and some I think they are having XXX. Alamak....

Slept and woke again at about 7 am and get myself ready and packed my luggage and ready to head to the airport.

Amsterdam at 7.45 am still dark and cold

I bought this pastry at the Central Station. I think this is the best pastry I ever tried. Inside is minced pork filling and I bought 2 for Dearie Suki to try. Crazy me.

Had my breakfast at Schipol Airport. Boring McDonalds again.

Check-in and hang around at the airport. I think this is a busy airport, early morning the airport is packed with travellers.

It time to for boarding , walked towards the gate and finally saw the tail of the plane.... MAS. Hahaha... HOORAY... I am going back.... 10 minutes before I board the plane, Dearie Suki called me and check whether am I on the way to board the plane. Off course I am on my way back home.

Overall it is quite a nice trip to these 3 countries but travelling alone is not FUN. How I wish my Dearie Suki is travelling together with me. Coming ANUGA Fair is in year 2009, if I were choosen to attend this fair again, I will extend my trip to Vienna.

***** coming up next- What Did I Buy From This Trip ? *****