Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Europe Tour : Germany - Day 1

For 12 hours in the plane finally I reached Amsterdam, Schipol Airport at 6.30 am. After we get our luggage, me and my GM took the train from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station then transfer to another Inter City Express (ICE) train to Dusseldorf, Germany main train station. The whole journey from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf takes about 3 hrs and 15 mins.

Before we board the train at 9.15 am, we had our breakfast at the Central Station. Bought some pastries puffs to eat in the train. This I must say its very good. It is the pastry puff with minced pork filling. Outside is crispy and inside is pipping hot. Also I had a cup of hot chocolate. Somehow, I found that the hot chocolate in western country is damn nice.

Reach Dusseldorf at about 12.30 pm and we headed on to the hotel. Had some rest about 2 hours and by 3 pm, we meet up with GS and my BIG BOSS at about 3.15 pm. Both of them took the ICE train from Frankfurt. Well this is my company policy, all big shot, cannot travel together and got to split the group into 2. We took a cab to Dusseldorf town and plan for a drink first before we had our dinner earlier.

Alamak, on our way to the town I saw the LV boutique and I feel like telling BIG BOSS can we stop at the boutique for a while and just give me 20 mins to buy the bags for sis. Aiyar... better not to say out cos only first day and I am worried that BIG BOSS, GM and GS may think, haven't start working already think of shopping !. So BYE BYE LV, and will get for sis when I am in Amsterdam on 17/10/07 again.

We start of with drinking session. Really siao, went to 3 pubs for the German Beer. Wah quite nice leh and it is so smooth. I drink quite a lot leh. After drinking we went for a walk along the riverside in Dusseldorf before we head on for dinner. Weather is just nice not too cold and I think is about 15 -18 DC.

We had our dinner at one of the restaurant that serves pork knucles and roast pork and most of it is PORK!. This dinner is so good and I just love the roast pork and the skin is so crispy.

Clockwise from top left : Roast Pork Knuckle with Risotto, Grilled Minced Pork, Pork Sausages, and Boiled Pork Knuckle. Each portion is so huge and 4 of us can't even finish it and it is not too expensive. Total bill is about EURO 58.00 and since it is under company budget, me and GS just order whatever we want to eat and not forgetting the German Beer again.

After dinner, took a cab back to hotel at about 8 pm and by 9 pm I already knock off to bed. I am just too tired and the next day is the first day at the trade fair and another long day ahead with a formal fine dining dinner hosted by Tabasco at night.

***** Germany - Day 2 coming up next *****


Cat Cat said...

Don't forget to show me your LV bag ya...

Anggie's journel said...

wow.. look at the yummy food ?? make me hungry.. but look abit fat hor.

yah yah.. show me ur LV bag ok ? ;)

what a nice country u been visit !!

zooropa said...

Hi Sue,

So u r just in time to join the October Fest wth lots of beer & sausage?


cbenc12 said...

wah, de food looks heavenly! *drooling*

Judy said...

Pork knuckles look nice. What is the name of the restaurant Suesue.

Next time I will try and get there. :)

How did you manage to drink beer as soon as you got there. Not tired?

Sue Sue said...

aiyar only bought 1 zippy wallet for myself and for my sis get the speedy 30 and daimer zippy wallet only. I not OKK la

Food OK lar, but too much the same food I also get bored.

Wei surprisingly the German ppl told me, Octoberfest is actually held in Sept wor.

Thanks for visiting. The foods certainly looks heavenly.

I also forgot the name liao. Let me check with my boss and get the receipt and will let you know.

Aiyar, the beer very small glass only.The beer glass hor all also tall and thin.