Monday, October 8, 2007

Tiramisu For Dad's Birthday

Dad's Chinese Birthday falls on tomorrow ( in chinese calendar 29th August ). We celebrated for him in Ah Mah's house yesterday since we have a stemboat 'makan' feast again to entertain one of my uncle from China.

Tiramisu came to my mind when I saw Wan blogged about her Tiramisu. Searched throught the web and most of the recipes required raw eggs in it and I am not so comfortable with egg in a cake which is not cook. End up I used Wan's recipe to make a Tiramisu Birthday Cake for my Dad.

I don't quite like Tiramisu thought but since Phatboy Joe and V told me they like Tiramisu that is why Tiramisu came into my mind. But it is not that cheap to buy the ingredients. Just the mascarpone cheese cost about RM17.90 per tub.


My Lovely Tiramisu Cake for Dad.

V saw the cake in the fridge and I told her I make it and she don't believe me and start asking me am I serious. Off course, I told her it is really make by me and I told her got pictures to prove that it is make by me. Even dad also asked the same question after his cake cutting session ' You make that cake ah'..... 'Yes la, Pa, I make one leh'

Hihihi... I think I can start taking order for my Tiramisu d. Hahaha... again my cake finished within 20 minutes and left 2 last pieces and Aunty Ah Choo 'tapau' for her son and DIL.

Little girl missed the cake cutting session cos she fall asleep and its rain heavily that afternoon and weather is a bit cold and windy. When she woke up, she kept crying that she want to cut the cake with 'KungKung'. What to do girl, who asked you don't want to sleep earlier with 'Didi'!


Cat Cat said...

Wah Sue, your tiramisu looks so good... If I was in Malaysia, sure ask you to become my sifu...

Judy said...

Wow, very nice. When you remove the ribbon to cut the cake, will the fingers come off?

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, this cake is easy to make isn't it :) Glad yours turn out well. Did you put extra sugar to your whipping cream?

WokkingMum said...

OMG! What a lovely cake!! Just like those bought from the bakery! so Pro!! Your father must be very pleased!

Happy belated Birthday to Uncle! ;)

Bento Pet said...

My favorite cake!! Love this and I'm glad you use the authentic style by using sponge fingers. Cannot 'tahan' those made with sponge cake.

Looks great, sure it taste good too!! Mmmm......can almost taste the coffee dipped sponge fingers and Mascaporne cheese

Sue Sue said...

The sifu is not me leh, it Getrudewan- ICook4Fun. Recipe from her leh.

No wor the fingers didnt drop off wor. Still stick on the cheese.

Thank you so much for the recipe. Very easy to make but the cost of making is not that cheap leh. I didnt add extra sugar think it is a bit too sweet cos I can't take sweet stuff. The next round I want to reduce the sugar la.

Thank you so much. My dad got a surprised from me cos he never expected I will make a cake for him. Usually we will bring him eat outside the restaurant.

Bento Pet,
The sponge fingers is with coffee taste furthermore it is a bit bitter cos I used Davidoff Coffee -Rich Aroma.

Anggie's journel said...

heh sue,
i saw this recipe somewhere in the blog too.. it's look simple but the ingredient might be costly as u said..
i love tiramisu cake !!!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Lovely tiramisu cake and happy belated birthday to your dad!