Thursday, October 25, 2007

Europe Tour : Germany - Day 4

Today is the last day I will be in Germany and tomorrow I will be in Amsterdam alone for extending my holiday trip for another 3 days. We took a cab to the station at about 8.30 am. Look what I discovered in the cab. The fare was actually shown at the rear mirror in the car. Wah, first time I see it and so damn 'canggih'.

We had our breakfast at McDonald's in the station that early morning. I was at the ticket counter to purchase my train ticket to Amsterdam for the next morning and GM helped me to order this breakfast set. He knew it I don't like sandwiches so he ordered the omelette and bacon set for me. This is my breakfast set for so many days in Germany.

McDonald's Breakfast Set - Omelette, Bacon and Muffin

We covered those halls that we have not covered on the first two days. The first stop is at the fine food section. Some random pictures taken and I won't elaborate much.

From Middle East Country - Candies, Dried Fruits, Nuts

Candies, Gums and Liquorice

This is so cute - Little Piggy make from marzipan

Another set of fruits make from marzipan

This is the best - Belgian Chocolate

Famous Shortbread from Walkers

This is interesting. A vending machine selling Nibble Time peanuts and rice crackers. I told BIG BOSS this item got potential here. We can sell into cinema, bus station, train station, tourist centre, etc... but when we enquire about pricing ..... in Netherlands they are selling at EU1.00 in the retail outlets. If we were to bring into Malaysia, the whole can of 45gm will cost something like RM5.00 ! Really crazy who will buy then. Got to drop this idea.

Anyway took 2 cans of sample back for my Dearie Suki to try out. He finished up within 10 minutes. He is a real junk food kaki.

Some of the booths we visited - Singapore, Hungary, Korea, Chile

We left Koelnmesse at about 3 pm and BIG BOSS mentioned since me and GS first time visit Cologne, he would like to bring us to try out one of the famous restaurant for the Pork Knuckles again and also visit the DOM ( Cathedral ) in Cologne, right next to the train station.

We took a train there and it is about 10 mins journey.

The DOM is amazing. A must see when you are in the city.

Oops ! It is not a statue. Its a real human.

Floor drawing. It is fantastic.

This is the famous restaurant - FRUH. BIG BOSS has been mentioning to me for the past 3 days and it is a must try. True enough, at about 5 pm, people already queueing for a place.

Roast Pork Knuckles and Boiled Pork Knuckles

Pork Sausages

The whole table full of BABI finished up by 6 of us. What a coincidence we met one of our supplier with his wife there so they joined us for dinner at the FRUH.

Dessert we had Apple Strudel.

Sis was lucky cos there is a LV boutique next to the Cathedral. While having dinner at the FRUH, I ask BIG BOSS whether can he give me 20 minutes cos I need to go to LV to get some handbags for sis. Then he started to ask me, izzit cheap here and I told him it is supposed so. So the 3 uncles followed me there. Guess what happened ? All of us bought the LV bags and wallets there.

My BIG BOSS asked me to help him to choose the handbags for him.... please ah not for me ah don't misunderstood... hihihi... for his wife la. Rich man really rich man.... bought 2 handbags and 2 wallet and lagi keng no need to see the price one. GM bought one too for his wife .... but Ah Neh uncle got bad taste and I think the handbag very ' lou tou'.

Me.... wanted to get the NEVERFULL but sis and Joe say its a cheapskate one not evergreen one. So only get for sis and her friend Jane... the Speedy 30 ( EURO 430 ) and Damier Zippy Wallet ( EURO 405 ). After second round of thinking... end up I also get one Monogram Zippy Wallet for EURO 405. I still prefer COACH la, going to get sis to get for me a handbag when she is going to US next Feb'08.

After 1 hour in LV boutique, we walk along the shopping street and get some souveniers and some interesting cooking items at the supermarket whereby you can't find here in Malaysia. Will blog later on what I buy there.

Its time to go back to the hotel. In the train both BIG BOSS and GM are making fun with the LV bags. In total, 3 of us spend almost RM30,000 in the LV boutique and off course the most one is BIG BOSS la. Somemore GM told me, if he come back to Malaysia and people say the handbag is fake he is going to taruk that fellow upside down.

Then there is this joke BIG BOSS told us, his friend go to Petaling Street ( Chi Cheong Kai ) to get a fake LV wallet for a ang moh friend from Oz. The fake one ah, come with a LV box plus a note inside stated ..... "If you are not satisfied with the quality, please contact". All of us laugh like hell in the train.

Look at the fair hand. Dun play-play ah that one is my BIG BOSS and he is wearing a "LOLEX" hihihi... I mean "ROLEX" worth RM20,000.

It's time to pack my luggage, tomorrow morning I am going to catch the earliest train to Amsterdam. GS will be flying off from Frankfurt back to Malaysia, me to Amsterdam, GM and BIG BOSS going to Vienna to meet up a potential principal.

***** Amsterdam -Day 5 coming up soon *****

once I am back from my JB business trip on Saturday


Cat Cat said...

Wah, cantik lah your LV Zipper Wallet... It's probably my next LV purchase if I can afford it. Eh, which model did your BIG BOSS and GM bought? I heard LV handbags in Europe are a little cheaper than in USA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I always enjoy reading your blog a lot!

You alone go Amsterdam? not scared and worried ar?

You got everything book and plan before you go alone?

zooropa said...

Michael Schumacher's country is soooo nice & ur job is very interesting too!


Judy said...

SueSue, did you buy me a LV wallet or not? :P

Eh, I didn't come one day so many posts liow.

Next time when we go back to Germany, I will make sure I try the pork knuckle dish and the pork burger. Yum.

Sue Sue said...

My Big Boss bought the Tulum GM and the Manhattan GM and 2 Zippy Wallet one in Monogram and the other one the Daimer version. Then my GM bought the model Poppincourt.

Yes lor in Europe it is cheaper by 30% and further more got the cash refund of about 11%.

Yes I am all alone in Amsterdam, No need to scared la what to worried. As long as you open mouth and ask and with money you won't be lost one la.

Yes lor I planned everything and all booked online before I go.

OK la but I dont quite like Amsterdam. Quite dangerous cos you can see the blacks selling drugs by the roadside.

You want the LV wallet ah. Ok la I go Petaling Street buy one for you. :P

Remember ah to try the pork knuckles. Very nice one leh

singairishgirl said...

Wah, the boss' wife must love you very much and hope you'd go on more Europe trips with him. Hahaha!

But it's only way cheaper if you claim back the VAT. If not, then is slightly cheaper. I couldn't claim back my taxes last years which would have amounted to SGD$200 plus!