Friday, October 5, 2007

Getting Simpler

I am getting better today and not going to think so much cos it is just wasting time. Thank you to all my blogger friends for their concern and encouragement. Perhaps Dearie Suki was telling me, make a decision next year after bonus and look for a better opportunities in other better company with a better pay and a better environment. Its true also and I am not going to sit in that nutshell till I retire. 5 years is more than enough for me I think and I just get so pissed up working with her ( I hope u know who I am referring too).

Yesterday night and tonight didn't cook and Dearie Suki bought dinner back. I am getting simpler with my cooking nowadays and with just 2 person, can't really cook much. Last 2 days, I cook Seafood Curry for dinner and off course using my favourite Maggi Fish Curry Paste.

Added in a fish head , prawns, taufoo pok, onion, tomatoes and ladies fingers into the curry. One whole big pot of curry for dinner and we can't even finish half of it. End up kept in the fridge for the next day.

ReenReen gave me some samples of S&P Coconut Milk and I've added in 1 packet of it into the curry. Sorry to say the coconut milk is so diluted and there is not coconut aroma. Dearie Suki was complaining that the curry is tasteless and doesn't taste good cos usually I will add in a can of evaporated milk. I added in another packet of coconut milk into it and it still taste the same. The next round I will use back evaporated milk for all my curry. Yeah, he is right the whole pot of curry doesn't taste that good as per my pervious cooking using evaporated milk. Hence, this brand is not recommended. ReenReen also gave me some coconut milk in powder form and I am going to try that again in my other cooking.

I blanched some rice vermicelli to go along with the curry. That night we have Seafood Curry Meehoon for dinner.


Anonymous said...

glad that you are fine now.. =)

l y n n w e i said...

wah....a BIG yummy to the seafood curry....
i'm feeling hungry now...

singairishgirl said...

Glad that you decided to let it go and not let it bug you. It's the weekend after all, so have fun and cook/bake more. ;) The curry looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the more one want to be simpler, things or ppl gets more complicated and out of control! :( is because of we want to be simple but yet the surroundings are "cruel and complicated" and we get involved (most of the time) unwilling/unknowingly...agree?how?

glad that you are better now and i know you will.

Judy said...

Sigh! Always make me hungry wan! How can?

You know what I had for dinner tonight? Bread stick with crab sticks and salad. :(

Now with only my husband and I, I hardly cook.

Sue Sue said...

I ok d. Thanks

It certainly a big of yummy curry.

You are right, I will not it spoil my weekend with my family. Who cares!

Maybe this is life you want to be simple but the surrounding want you to be complicate. Totally agree with u but it still depends very much on us whether we want to get involved or not.

Ok what breadstick with crabstick and salad. Much more healthier. hihihi