Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Is Just Awesome

Losing weight.... it is the hardest thing I can do in my life. I used to be slim and thin but once after I step into the corporate world I gained 7 kg when I first started with my first company. There are so many entertainments and working in the food industry I got the chance to try various food from international level to the hawker level. If you are a food lover, isn't this job is such a great job. You get to eat and try new food. I am a person who love to eat and try for new food invention. I think I can eat anything as long as it is edible. Hahaha... that is a real bad eating habit of me. Over the years as I grow older, I realized my metabolisme rate drop. I am not as active as last time and losing the extra pound from my body is just so hard. My weight started to gain from 46 kg to 53kg. Then things get worsen when I gave birth to my 2 little kids. I gain another 5kg and now my total weight is 58kg. I have been telling myself I need to lost 12 kgs.

I have been trying very hard to loose my weight. Last month I went to see the Doctor and he found that my blood pressure is at the low side. I did tell him that I am on a strict diet now and I hardly take breakfast and lunch. Only a little bit of rice for dinner. The Doctor told me, low calories diet is extremely dangerous, then low carb plans are way too strict for Asian, and low fat foods wouldn't work for long term. I am actually on weight watchers plan and I tried the Jenny Craig plan before but it just takes too long to see the result.

My good buddy FL, recommend me to this great diet plan and it is totally just so awesome. Its a new way to diet by experiencing a permanent and lasting weight loss. You eat more but you still loose your weight. You can continue to eat your favourite foods and you can look thinner in just 10 days and you will be a happier, stronger and healthier person. Isn't this diet plan is just so simple. I have tried and the fact of dieting is all about FOOD. The fact is, by eating the right food at different interval each day, it will send you metabolism levers through the roof and experience the fast and drastic weight loss. I have loose 3 kgs in a week and I will stick to this diet plan and I am gonna do it.