Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be Healthy , Think Healthy

Me and Dearie Suki realized that as we grow older, there are numbers of sickness pop out in our health. Both of us went for a check up and the result shown that our cholesterol level is at the border line which means it is not a good sign. Doctor advise us to control our in-take now and make sure we exercise more and eat healthily. Hmmm... it is kind of hard for me especially when I am working in the food industry. Day and night we have been testing out new food products and when come to festive season, we have been invited by suppliers for dinner at the posh Chinese restaurants. So how am I going to go on diet ? I did think of go dieting by having diet pills but so far I have yet to try one. From today onwards I must have the determination to go dieting and must always carry my motto... "Be Healthy, Think Healty". How I wish I have such figures again.