Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yerrrr... Shame Shame Ee-Thern

My little Ee-Thern, real cute and humurous. This morning while playing with his Cheh Cheh, suddenly Le-Ann called me and asked me to look at Ee-Thern...

Le-Ann : Mommy, mommy, see Ee-Thern... ( she is giggling and laughing ). Yer , shame ,shame monkey shame. I can see your bird bird.
Me :
Huh? Why ah?

Le-Ann : Mommy, mommy you cannot see?
Me : See what? ( Le-Ann then pointed to me that Ee-Thern's pants ripped off and there is one big hole on his bird bird area ). Hahahahaha

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture of him and you can see how is his reaction. A real mengada-gada boy.

Ee-Thern :
Mommy, you see. Hahahaha... bird, bird errr... Alumak...


So, can you see the hole? Neh... at XXX.


Alumak, mommy!