Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Accessories for Remembrance

"070707". What objective have I achieved on this special day? Hahaha... bought some fashion accessories from one of the stall at The Street Market, The Curve.

While I was looking around with little girl at the street market, I came across this stall run by a lovely retired couple. I think maybe they past their time running a stall selling some fashion accessories during the weekend at The Curve. The lady boss is quiet friendly and helpful and at first I don't intend to buy any but found out that they sell quite a numbers of interesting and unique necklaces and earrings and the lady boss told me all are handmade by both of them.

Since that day is 070707 and look this is what I get from the stall. All at below RM60. Something for rememberance. The next round I am there again, will definately visit that stall which is oppossite Italiannies and Laundry Bar cos the pricing is quite reasonable.

I am quiet impress with retired couple like them whom they have the passion to do all these handmade fashion accessories. I was telling Dearie Suki when we were at Baskin Robbins, maybe we should plan something to do when we retire. At least to pass our time at home and on the other hand can earn some $$$. ' LOL'.

Finally, I have organized all my accessories into a storage box so that little girl won't play with my earrings and converted a pills box into an earrings storage box to keep all my small earrings.

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Judy said...

I was told that I should go to the Curve during my last trip to KL but never made it there. :(
Nice accessories and good value for money!

Sue Sue said...

You should go there the next round you r here. Quite a happening place to hang around with your family. Make sure to bring more money. I just love to go there cos there are so many cute stuffs to buy.