Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1 Hour Wait !

Last Sunday meet up with Aunty Rose and her hubby for dinner. It's been 3 months and since her sister passed away ( my hubby Tai Ku ) we didn't meet up for dinner and last Sunday she called me up and we arranged for dinner together somewhere near my Ah Mah's house. Also another reason that she actually want to see both my kids and she missed them so much.

I didn't come across this open air restaurant near my Ah Mah's house and according to her food is cheap and quite good. Meet up at 7.30 pm and it is full with families waiting for table. We finally got a place and ordered our foods.

You know how long we waited ? Exactly 1 hour... phew! Within that 1 hour my kids created HAVOC again. Spill the Chinese tea over the table, spill the soya sauce, play with the ice cubes, play with the toothpicks.... and all sort of things whatever they could play with over at the table. And I am going to loose my PATIENT !

Finally the food is here. Waited exactly 1 hour but we finished our dinner within 20 minutes. Food is good and cheap but I hate the waiting especially with kids around.

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1 comment:

snoopy said...

Yeah, you are right. Children just cannot wait more than 30 minutes. My sister have to bring her kids walk around before the food comes or else, they will make the whole shop like their playing house....