Friday, November 23, 2007

Catridge Finder Makes Things Easy !

Dearie Suki recently bought 2 printers at home. One is for general use, in another words is used by me to print my recipes, Le-Ann's colouring sheet and others. Where else, another unit of printer is a more high tech one and used by him to print his customers' creatives artwork. The colour catridge for his printer run out quite fast because the high amount of things he printed. Once run out, he got to drive all the way to look for computer shops to get his cartridge and it is quite a hassle to do that if that shop didn't have the catridge he want.

Until one fine day, we found Cartridge Finder and things get easy with it because they will help us to locate where to get the catridge and which catridge to use for his printer. With this, it really saves up my Dearie Suki time.

***This is a sponsored post***