Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Family Outing To Genting Highlands

My babysitter , Ah Yoke Cheh, called me on Friday in the office telling me she wanted to take EL on Monday. Alamak, always last minute. What to do got to put in my leave form on Friday and luckily my STP have good mood and sign off my application.

Since Monday is an off day, I called up Dearie Suki to check with him whether want to bring the kids for a short trip or not. Within a minute he answered " OK, la you decide where to go" So the nearest is to Genting Highlands lor since this place 'ngam' the kids.

Check the internet hotel booking and called up all the hotels in Genting, oh shit... all fully booked. Then called up EC, my colleague whose hubby work up the hill see whether she can help to book a room or not. Finally she got a room for us in First World Hotel for 1 night. First time staying in this hotel, damn small leh. Anyway EC only charged me RM50, so what do you expect!

Half way up the hill, little boy cried and vomitted in the car once we reached the hill. Luckily he only vomitted water, if it is milk, I think we will U turn back to home. Maybe is because the pressure makes him feel uncomfortable.

Reached Genting at about 1.30 pm and Ee-Thern slept after he vomitted. We went to the Mushroom Farm, parked our car there and let him sleep till at about 2.30 pm. While waiting, me and little girl went into the Mushroom Farm and have a walked in there and took some photographs.

We had our Bak Kut Teh lunch at EC hubby's restaurant. Guess what? My little boy finished up a bowl of rice with Bak Kut Teh soup. After that, he 'cheng san' already can run here and there with his Cheh Cheh. Lunch is FOC cos EC's hubby didn't want to bill us. Wah, really 'Pai Seh' leh!

Le-Ann at Mushroom Farm, Genting Highlands

Waiting for Check-In in First World Hotel

First time in my life seeing so many people checking in in the First World Hotel. Looks like a big group of people going for a war. After we placed our luggage into the room, 4 of us straight headed to the in-door theme park.

Little Le-Ann always the brave one, kept mentioning " Mommy, Daddy I want to sit this please"

This little boy, I am a bit dissapointed cos he kept saying " Mommy, I don't want". I really don't understand what he scared for. End up whole day in the stroller and the big girl kept repeating the rides she sit.

Both in the Merry Go Round rides. This one both me and Dearie Suki, dragged him in with us.

Choooco Train , surprisingly this one is Ee-Thern favourite.

Dearie Suki, went to see the 3D Motion Master and left me with the kids at the dessert shop. He bought one bowl of Winter Melon and one bowl of Bubur Cha Cha for us and a cup of Corn for the kids. Alamak... so old already still fancy all this motion master stuff.

Le-Ann being the ' Tai Kar Cheh ', trying to push Ee-Thern in the stroller the whole night. After dinner at about 9.30 pm we headed back to the hotel. After cleaning up for the kids, Ee-Thern slept within seconds and Le-Ann started to cry and telling her Daddy that she wanted to go back home. For about 20 minutes she kept crying and after a round of scolding from me, finally she slept.

Nice mountain view from the hotel room in the morning

Morning after we had our breakfast in McDonald's we went to the in-door theme park again. Didn't bring them to the out-door theme park because we find that the rides is not suitable for the kids.

Wah, both got style ya

My little girl loves all these rides and I think in total we have purchased RM50 token for her on these rides. Dearie Suki left 3 of us again and went to the toilet but after 1/2 hour still didn't see him. Guess where he go ? He quietly sneaked into the CASINO. After 45 minutes, came back and tell me this whole trip is Free Of Charge! Huh.... he won RM300 in betting the 'Big Small'. Luckily I called him on the handphone, if not the RM300 give back to the late Uncle Lim lah.

3 of them, don't know why they are so excited on this game machine.

I think my Ee-Thern prefer the game machine rather than the rides.

After checking out at about 12.30 pm we headed back home straight cos me and Dearie Suki were too tired to stay on. Reached home at about 3 pm and both the kids slept in the car all the way from Genting back to house.

It is quite an enjoyable trip but with the kids it could be quite tiring. In the car Dearie Suki was telling me, our plan to bring the kids overseas next year ( cos little girl wanted to sit in an aeroplane so much ) got to be postponed till they grow older. They are just too noisy and super active and I don't think so I can even control both of them.


ilovepearly said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time..

Cat Cat said...

Sue Sue,
Next time we all go home for a visit, must take the girls up to GH... They can ride the kiddie rides all they want.. Mommy - jumpa di Casino...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Your girl and boy got different character and should exchange, girl braver and outgoing hor...

you worried your boy so timid or not ar? how come?

Why your girl cry and want to go home? Is it play too much in the day? Your hubby and you can tahan her crying so long?

Sue Sue said...

Ok la but for both of us the old one quite boring leh.

Go la some more cheap, worth to go with especially for kids. Ya, ya. ya mommy 'pok sat' in the Casino.

My son don't know why leh... kecik2 cili padi but not brave one. Can fight and scold ppl so loud but always chicken out.

I also don't know why she cry leh. Maybe I scare her there is a monster coming if she dont want to sleep that is why she wanted to go back home. What to do cannot tahan also must tahan lor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

How's the weather in GH. My family will be there in 2 weeks time.

Mrs Yeo

wen said...

my kids enjoy genting too!!

a hogwart invitation to u


Sweetiepie said...

Looks like you guys are having alot of fun!:)

singairishgirl said...

Oh gosh, you reminded me of those trips my family took to Cameron very often during the holidays. I hated it cos always threw up.

Sue Sue said...

Mrs Yeo,
Weather is about 17 - 24 DC. Day time not so cool, it is just nice, sunny and cool air. Night a bit cold plus raining. Hope you family enjoy it there.

Thanks for ur invitation. Will check out ur blog soon.

Hahaha... I think the kids are the one having more fun than us.

Me too will vomit especially going through the winding road. Must sapu a lot of minyak angin la.

Judy said...

Always great photos. Are the tortoises real? I want the tortoise. Tortoise makes good pet in this country. In winter, it hibernates.

There is a mushroom farm on the way there? Wow, I never knew that.

Plus who is late Uncle Lim. I have read a few bloggers writing Uncle Lim's funeral or Uncle passed away liow. **Scratches head**

WokkingMum said...

Wah! Looks fun! We are going next week too! Now I know what to expect. hehe ...

I foresee a very tiring Ah Sum (me!!). If my hubby runs off to the casino leaving me to take care for 2 young ones and 2 elderly, I'll smack him. LOL

Wah! Uncle Lim like your family. Maybe let your hubby win some $$$ so you can go again soon. hehehe ...

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