Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HERITASIA On X'Mas Promotion

HERITASIA is on X'Mas promotion and now they got a new booth in Bangsar Village. His girlfriend is so kind to forward me the email blast about his new stall. I got to know this 'Si Tau Chai' when I went to get some fashion accessories from his booth at The Curve, Saturday flea market and now we are friends.

Glad to know that he is having another stall in Bangsar and it would be nearer for me to go to Bangsar rather than the Curve. Spoken to him few months back that maybe both of us could work out something and sell his fashion accessories on-line or through my blog. But till today I've yet to get back to him cos I am just too busy with work and with my 2 kids after my maid left. So sorry about that if he come across my blog. I just need to get things going cos I hate this damn bloody place ( you know which place I am referring to right! )

So for those who wish to get something for your loved ones for the coming X'mas, pay a visit to his stall. I am sure there are lots of nice girly stuffs to choose from and also at AFFORDABLE PRICE! .