Thursday, November 1, 2007

What I Buy From Europe?

My ex-colleague and also blogger, msn me yesterday and so eager to know what I buy from the trip. Well, nothing is cheap, everything is expensive and after converting you will not buy. Here are some stuffs I bought back all the way from Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium, mostly food items I could say.

From Germany

Truffles Praline for my 2 neighbours who helped me to water my plants when I am away and also a box for Yoke Cheh, my babysitter. Per box only EURO 2.79.

Vegeroni Pasta with cute car character. Can't even find one in Malaysia. For the kids when I make ABC Soup for them. EURO 3.00 per packet of 250gm. Also not cheap ya.

This is cute must see properly what is that shape. Its 'LC' la. Hahaha... This one under company bill cos I saw this and get BIG BOSS to see and he asked me to buy a packet and keep in the office for reference. EURO 3.00 per packet.

The Weiner-Schitnzel Seasoning Mix. Bought from one of the supermarket in Cologne, Germany only EURO 0.69 per packet.

Another interesting one. Icing for cookies and comes in 4 colour tube at EURO 2.50 per box.

From Belgium

The tour guide recommended Leonidas Fresh Handmade Chocolate but the queue is so long and I wouldn't want to queue for so long just to buy a box of chocolate. End up hopped into another chocolate stall and bought 1/2 kg of fresh chocolate back at EURO 15.00 per box. This are for Ah Mah's house.

Reached home the 2 little babies and the big baby at home finished up the first layer of the chocolate. I only got a bite from Le-Ann's choco. I am not a choco lover so it is just another choco for me.

Cote d'Or at EURO 3.50 per pack. Bought 3 back and going to bring back for Faye this Sunday at Ah Mah's house.

From Amsterdam

Went into a convenient shop in Amsterdam and look what I found. Printed serviette only at EURO1.00 and in IKEA or METROJAYA they are selling at RM19.90 per pack.

The cookie cutter with 11 cutters ( Christmas Theme ) only at EURO 2.50. Here one cutter already RM3.50.

Some souvenier from the Wooden Shoe Workshop. This one for my kitchen deco, EURO 5.00.

This one is a serveitte holder also for my kitchen and it is EURO 1.50.

This is best minced pork pastry EURP 1.20 per piece. Even Dearie Suki say it is nice.

For the kids and I get this at the Schipol Airport

Guylian Chocolate for my Marketing Team in the office. Get this from Duty Free at Schipol Airport.

Magnets and I love collecting magnets from all over the place I visited. Added another few magnets to my fridge.

These are some samples I get back from the fair in Cologne. Something interesting that I would like to share with my Dearie Suki.

This is a nice drink and it is a ready to blend drink. Need to blend it with ice and it taste like a smoothie. Something different than those RTD.

This smoothie is nice. I just love the USP of this porduct. Look at the right hand side of the packet. It is actually indicating to the consumer that that 1 packet of this Smoothie it is equivalent to 1 apple or 1/2 banana or 15 green grapes or 7 strawberries.

We asked for some samples and the exhibitor gave me the whole pack of the candies at the ANUGA Fair. I am just impressed with the outcome of the candies. The fruit details on the candies is so SHARP.

This one from Duty Free at KLIA. My favourite Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Hahaha.. another good news last week went to Giant & Cold Storage and they are selling this items d.

Well that all about my trip. Money already spent and life is going back to normal got to work like " Horse and Cow " again.


Judy said...

Wahliow, looks like you bought the whole of Germany?

Your Sukie dearie like the sausage roll?

Wah, so many things, I am surprised your luggage was not over the limit.

Sue Sue said...

No la, u think i print money meh. All are small items leh.
Yes lor my Sukie loves all those pastry pastry.

Dancing Queen said...

I love those candies - so pretty! Sayang to eat. Hehe, the sex pasta damn notti! :D

Like so many things to buy from there leh! I want to go!! :D

I Cook4Fun said...

Wow, you bought o lot of stuff back from you trip. I like the 'sex' pasta the best :) :) I don't think we can find any here. I think they do sell those fruity candies at Mark and Spenser in KL. Sue, you like those printed serviette? I bring some home for you :) :)

Trinity said...

Waaa Sue-sue, you really have a good time in Europe! That pasta are so hilarious! haha.. wondering how you can eat that sex pasta..! hahaha..

Sue sue thanks for finding me, it's really great to read your comment, mentioning about our kids were born like twins! :-) I wanna see your kid's pictures, so I will browse your page now. :-)

keep in touch!

snoopy said...

Looking at the things you buy, I guess you must be going with one luggage and come back with 3 luggage!

Retno Prihadana said...

You bought a lot of sweets from Germany. I see you also collect magnet similar like me. I often buy it in every country or city tha I visited.

singairishgirl said...

Wow, love all your goodies.

Anggie's journel said...

fu yohhh... so many thing u hv bought ... hmm... must work hard now !! :) i like those pasta la ... so many cute shape and sexy shape wan ... dun forget to show us once u cook those pasta ok ?? :)

Sue Sue said...

Dancing queen,
No la not a lot. All also small small stuff. Yes lor the candies I also wayang want to eat so nice but ah taste wise not so good like makan ubat.

Yes lor the sex pasta so cute. My BIG BOSS even make fun of me, after cook not hard anymore.
Yup I love the printed serviette but here hor damn expensive leh.

Ya when i saw ur boy date of birth I also a bit of surprised as I found a boy born on the same day and only minutes apart. So do keep in touch. Will visit ur blog often.

No I buy so little go in one buy come back with another extra hand luggage only la. There everything so expensive how to buy.

Not really much in Germany. I bought it mostly in Amsterdam.

Singairishgirl, much ya.

Yes lor the pasta there got so many cute shape. I was aiming at it d before I go that I must visit the supermarket to get it back.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

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