Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Deepavali

It's Deepavali today and it is a quiet one in my neighbourhood. Maybe all the Ah Nehs already balik kampung. To all my Indian friends, I would like to wish you all, Happy Deepavali.

This morning woke up as early as 6.30 am cos finally I got a part-time Indonesia cleaner from a Cleaning Agency to clean up my house. As what Judy and CatCat said why I don't want to get a part-time cleaner earlier and both me and Dearie Suki got to struggle to clean the house after 'Black Dot' gone home. Well, its not I don't want to get them earlier, is that I can't find one that can come during the weekend. So good business, all Saturday and Sunday fully booked. Finally, my kind neighbour, May help me to ask around and pass me the contact no. and I quickly called them up. Again it is fully booked on Saturday and Sunday and since today is a public holiday, I sapu la.

Total 4 hours per visit from 7 am to 11 am, and it is RM55. If I sign up their package it will be 4 hours per visit & 4 visits per month at RM210. Finally I signed up their package since I see this young Indonesia girl, Sugi only 22 years old, not too bad. I am quite satisfied with her service better than my 'Black Dot'.

The kids woke up as early as 7.30 am and my Ee-Thern started to call 'Kakak here and there'. His memory of his old 'kakak' came back. I get both of them out from the house so that they won't disturb her, if not she can't finish cleaning the house at 11 am. Both of them start cycling around the car porch. My little boy, finally know how to paddle the bicycle but his leg still a bit too short to have the full paddle. He is soooooo CUTE.

After about 2 hours playing outside the house, both of them came in and little girl started taking out all her toys. This round she play masak-masak with her brother. This really makes me want to LOL when I see both of them talking to each other.

Conversation 1 :
Ah girl : Didi, Cheh Cheh 'chu farn' ah.
Ah boy : Cheh Cheh, cook egg hah.
Ah girl : Ohhhh, Didi u wan eat egg ah.
Ah boy : Cheh Cheh, I wan egg ah.
Ah girl : ( Busy cooking egg and some more used the Cookiemonster toy as a egg. Walaueh got style. Starting to flip the egg using the ladle ) Nah, Didi OK d. Eat egg ah.

Conversation 2 :
Ah girl : Mommy, wat u wan to eat.
Mommy : Emmm, fried chicken lah.
Ah girl : Ohhh, mommy no chicken wor.
Mommy : You go and buy lor.
Ah girl : Ohhh, ok. Mommy wait ah. ( little girl walked to the kitchen and after few minutes came back ) Mommy got 3 chicken.
Mommy : Ohhh, ok lor you fried chicken for Mommy lor.
Ah girl : OK, Mommy you wait ah. ( little girl start directing her Didi to fried the chicken )

After a few minutes.....

Ah girl : Didi, take for Mommy the fried chicken.
Ah boy : ( little boy started to take the fried chicken to me ) Nah, Mommy eat fried chicken hah.
Ah girl : Mommy, y u no pay money to Didi.
Mommy : ?????? ( scratch head - where she learn all this )

After the maid left, take bath for the kids and prepare their lunch. Both me and Dearie Suki not feeling well. He is having his backache and me having sore throat again. So we had Peanut Porridge for lunch. In the morning, I cooked the porridge in the slow cooker then steamed a slice of Ma Yau Fish to go along with porridge.

Look at this 'Young Master', refuse to eat the porridge and I got to feed him till he finish the whole bowl of porridge. Where else little girl also same got to feed her. Don't know why, both of them today refuse to eat the porridge and as usual, while feeding them I will start to nag again.


Judy said...

Your kids are so loving. Che-che helped little brother to get his bicycle going.

I don't remember my son caring for his sister like that. When the two of them are alone at home, it is my daughter who will cook for her brother. :)

Sweetiepie said...

sue sue,
happy deepavali!I hope it's not too late to wish.

Dancing Queen said...

I can just imagine the conversations. So sweet. :)

Cat Cat said...

Wanakam Sue Sue...

Ee-Thern is so cute... Pandai gayuh basikal... Next time boleh bawa amoi jalan2 naik basikal, Sue... Hehe!

jane said...

hahaha that's so cute! even hearing their voices already very cute, esp. the "byeeeee"! hahaha me smiling as i watch the vid.

Sue Sue said...

u know my daughter always want to act as 'tai kar cheh' one.

Happy Deepavali to you too.

Dancing Queen,
So cute too

Alamak naik basikal amoi? Tak ada amoi mau lagi la. Now all kereta.

I also same leh watch & watch over again. Looking at my son, he damn cute. Kecik2 cili padi.

I Cook4Fun said...

Your kids are so cute especially the part where Le-Ann try to push Ee-Thern basikal :) :) Both of them are so loving towards each other.

wen said...

wah, u can really cook hor..mayb kids dont like porridge edi. mine stopped taking porridge around 14 or 15 mths..

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