Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Miss The Green Green Vegetables

I was at the SS13 SJ night market tonight to get some green vegs. Ever since, Black Dot went back to Indonesia I hardly get green vegs to cook at home. Well I could say I cook green vegs about 3 times a week unlike last time everyday there will be one green vegs on the dining table. If I can't finish the green vegs, Black Dot will sapu habis.

Dearie Suki is kind of weird. He doesn't eat green vegs except for the green stinko beans.... PETAI. For months I have not cook any Petai dish for him and today I bought one big packet of petai from the night market for RM10. I think the big packet can divide it and cook 3 times. Hihihi... not going to tell him what I cook for dinner tomorrow and I am going to give him a surprise!

Mom was asking me, if he doesn't take green vegs, where is he going to get all the nutrients. Ah... ha... Mom is wrong. Dearie Suki loves fruits and he is actually substituting the green vegs with fruits. Whenever we go to the night markets or supermarkets he will get loads of different kind of fruits back. Today, my fridge is loaded with fruits... mandarin oranges, mango, grapes, persimmons, and banana.

I miss all the green vegetables I cook last time. Going to start cooking green vegetables very soon. Since he don't eat I eat la, hihihi a good way to on diet!