Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ah Mah 91st Birthday Celebration

We just reached home from Ah Mah's house. It is almost 11 pm and both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern soundly asleep in their car seat. Little girl didn't sleep at all this afternoon and still can stand till just now. Where else little boy, slept for 3 hours in the afternoon and at Ah Mah's house is full with energetic playing with fellow cousins.

Today we celebrated Ah Mah's 91st Birthday and it is another big makan feast at home. Last year we get a caterer to do the catering at home. But this year we suggested the same arrangement again but again there are few aunties 'ah chi ah chor' complainting foods is not good, caterer is expensive, bla, bla, bla...... End up Dad suggested every family pool RM100 and he will make arrangement to prepare the foods. My Dad is a good cook and trying to be SUPERHERO hence he cook some and some he get my aunt to buy. Walaueh.... end up I think too much food. Few of my cousin sis, bring some food also end up 2 person bring the same food. (** shake head** )

Sis called me up yesterday and telling me no one is preparing dessert and she asked me to make some back. Searching around what to make and end up I make 'Seri Muka' after my 1st attempt to make 'Kuih Jagung' failed yesterday night. This morning woke up early and started making the 'Kuih Seri Muka' and get the recipe from the here.

Don't know why the top layer is not smooth. Can someone please tell me why? Those selling in pasar malam, why the top surface is so smooth and nice and so, so, so even.

Also makes some Butter Cupcakes yesterday night and did the frosting with buttercream icing this afternoon.

The frosting is still not perfect and I just hate buttercream icing cos it is so sweet. Get this design idea from Flickr photos. I only play around with 2 colours which is yellow and pink cos I don't want to wash so many bowls.

The wording on the cupcake is 'SAU' which means LONGEVITY.

Ee-Thern boy woke up at 4 pm and once he finished his milk, I started to pack all their cloths and other stuff into the car. Also took along his bicycle so that he can cycle around in Ah Mah's house. We left to Ah Mah's house at about 4.30 pm and to my surprised I am the first one to reach there. I was thinking want to help Dad with the cooking, aik .... no body yet. Sis called me up and apparantly there is a bad jam in KL and she is stuck for 3 hours from KL to Kajang.

Both of them once reached Ah Mah's house started to cycle at the back of the house with Anson and Eason.

I am too busy chit chatting with fellow cousin sis and haven't see them for a long time since CNY. So kepoh around here and there with them and totally forgot to snap the food shots. Dad cook fried chicken, fried wantan, fried prawns, yong tau foo, stewed mushroom, sambal sotong, and he ordered from his friend pork ribs curry, fried longevity noodles and also steamed glutinious rice. He get Aunty AC to order 4 roasted duck and also some siew yoke. Mom ordered currypuff from her Malay neighbour and Sis make jellies, me make Kuih Seri Muka and cousin sis, KC also bring a full plate of Malay kuih muih. So I think end up toooo muchhhhh foodddd.. and got to 'tar pau' after the party.

My Dad more 'keng'... can make Ais Kacang for all of us. The 4 maids at home helped him with the Ais Kacang.

Its cake cutting time and all the kids surrounded my their Tai Mah. This old lady, already 90 years old and in Chinese it is 91 years old and yet still so strong except that she can't walk anymore. My Ah Mah, is always my favourite grandma, who take care and brought me up since I am a baby till the day I get married.

Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern only attack the icing on the cupcakes and throw away the cakes after they lick the icing. Ish.... geramnya! Look at both of them, play till the whole head is so wet and sweating all around.

Took bath for them and little girl eyes is almost half close but little boy still can play around with Ei Faye Ah Yi's NIKE Shoes. Hahaha.. he looks like Ronald McDonalds hor... with the big shoes!


Judy said...

SueSue, wah, what a feast. Happy 91st birthday to SueSue's Ah Mah.

About your serimuka or kueh salat, do you thicken the green mixture over a low fire and keep stirring until it thickens a bit?

Then steam over very low fire. Both these steps will give a smooth texture.

I Cook4Fun said...

Sue, so much fun with your family. Happy 91st Birthday to your Ah Mah. Judy is right. You have to steam the seri muka over low fire. Mine too really bumpy on the top because I steam it on high heat.

Sweetiepie said...

What a big family you have.I love to eat serimuka too.Look at those foods so sedap.Wish your ah mah a happy birthday.

Cat Cat said...

SueSue, Happy 91st birthday to Ah Mah... Glad to know she is still strong and healthy.

You are so lucky Sue - have a big and happy family. I would love to have this kinda gathering...

Dancing Queen said...

Your Ah Mah is so blessed to have so many descendants to celebrate her birthday with her! Wah, really pui fook your dad for cooking so much food! You sure have a great big family.

Anggie's journel said...

Happy 91st birthday to SueSue's Ah Mah. ... nice party, somemore got the ais kacang wan ...
The icing not smooth izit becos of the sugar u used ?

Pearls said...

Hi Sue,

Your grandma is very blessed! I wish her good health and lots of happiness all year round!

As for your seri muka, to make the top smooth, you first have to cook your custard till it is slightly thicken then pour on top of the pulut. The trick is to steam your kueh in a very slow fire with that cone shaped kuali cover. You gotta to also open the cover often, wipe and close back... this helps to prevent build up of heat inside. Too much build up of heat will cause the custard layer to bubble up and therefore not smooth.

The thing about making kueh is fine details like these that you need to be aware of. Happy trying!

JO-N said...

Wow, 91! Happy belated birthday to Ah Mah!

I have replied your comment about playgroup in my blog.

Anyway, I have A tag for you. Please hunt for it in my blog cos I have many tags lying there.

wen said...

wei, so u got ur dad's cooking gene heh..

Sue Sue said...

Judy & Wan : Next time dont want make kuih d, go and buy faster la. I never like sweet kuih still prefer those savoury kuih.

Sweetiepie : Yup, I got quite a big family so everytime if there is any party, it like a very big thing in my Ah Mah house.

CatCat: Hehehe.... luckily our BIG FAMILY is close to each other some ah already fight here and there d.

Dancing Queen : Alamak, I also pui fook my dad, can kau tim all those ppl. That is why my dad told us, he salah choose his occupation he said he should go and become chef la. hahahaha

Anggie : About the icing... i also dont know la.

Pearly : Thank you for your advice. Will again some other day.

Jo-N : Yup I had read it. Are u thinking to start one play group. Do let me know ya. Will do the tag once I am free.

Wen : Hahaha... maybe yes la.

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